The Golf Club Dev 'Among the First' to Get Access to Project Morpheus

VRFocus - HB Studios has confirmed that it is working with Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset for its upcoming golf simulation title, The Golf Club on PlayStation 4. The developer said as much, revealing that it was ‘among the first’ set of developers to have access to SCE’s VR technology, and that it was ‘anxious’ to see how Project Morpheus could fit into its upcoming videogame. Support for the PlayStation Move motion controller has also been confirmed.

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amnalehu2500d ago

Seems like a perfect fit! Move support is a must for this game.

forcefullpower2500d ago

I would buy in a second for a proper golf game that could accurately track the club as well.

3-4-52500d ago

* Can create a replica of real courses, down to every detail, and then experience that course as if you were really there. At least somewhat.

Sounds awesome really.

headspin2500d ago

I play golf and there is absolutely no point in this I think, it's tracking ability won't be anywhere near accurate enough to replicate a true swing, I've bought 2 dedicated simulators (hardware and software)and got rid of them as they just didn't do the job, only real price of hardware to accurately replicate the result of your swing is a piece of hardware called trackman and that costs about £30,000 a unit and I can't see Sony selling a piece of hardware of that spec for any realistic affordable price.

amnalehu2500d ago

The PS Move is reall accurate. Twist your wrist and it will effect the angle of the club. If you already have a PS3 and a Move, try a game called Tumble. It will illustrate just how accurate the Move is.