Game makers say Wii a bargain

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - In the unfolding video game war, underdog Nintendo has lined up powerful allies -- game makers, who like the new Wii's unconventional features and game development costs that run about half what's required for Microsoft and Sony's new consoles.

With two potential hits ready for launch and nearly three dozen titles expected by year end, Nintendo is scheduled to ship units and games faster than its bigger rivals, who significantly increased the power and graphics capabilities of their machines.

In their attempts to future-proof their machines with gee-whiz technology, Microsoft and Sony are forsaking the immediate profits Nintendo will reap with the Wii, which debuts November 19.

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THWIP4450d ago

It SHOULD have retailed for the rumored $179; at $250, it's WAAAAY too expensive, for a repackaged GC and a new controller.

calderra4450d ago

If Nintendo had released a $50 lightbar + wand pack for hte Gamecube, and paired that with a $50 network card + hard drive dock, THAT would be getting a next-gen console for cheap.

As it stands, Wii barely costs any less than a Core 360, while delivering clearly inferior graphics. AND it doesn't play DVDs. AND you have to mount the light bar on your TV.

That's not a deal at all.

PS360WII4450d ago

And many, many, many people have said it. Game devs and companies alike. It's a much better running console than gc could ever be. The rumored price was 250 everything else was just hot air. To make games for it is a hell of alot cheaper than the other consoles so we'll be seeing more games for it and more unique ideas for it becuase developers can expirement without having to spend 20mil on it.
Wii is a great runner for this gen of console and will do well with the support it's getting from all areas. Well sept for hardcore 360 and ps3 fans

frostbite064450d ago

Obviously its a bargain for the game developers. Half the cost of the other next gen consoles, yet can still sell the game for $50.

dikturbo4450d ago

For $279 CDN and the ability to play previous GC games (many great ones are now in the bargain bin) this is the must have console for any family. In fact, I bought a new Toshiba 26" widescreen (CRT) with HDMI and 480P for $399 last weekend just for movies and games. What a pefect match of console and television.

The Wii will be the hardware winner this Xmas. Many people on this site have said that if Mom and Dad are out picking the family Xmas console they see the $279, $499 and $679 CDN price tags and will naturally fall onto the Wii. If Nintendo had 10 million of these this winter they would sell them all.

The Wii is the definite dark horse this generation.

MissAubrey4450d ago

I'll never forget 199.99 for a console that was that advanced. 9/9/99 Baby!