Playstation 3 "Engineering Masterpiece"

MARKET RESEARCH firm iSuppli said that although the Sony Playstation 3 has been dogged by delays and other SNAFUs, it's an engineering masterpiece.

The firm has pulled the machine apart and Andrew Rassweiler, the "tear down" services manager and senior analyst, said: "You are getting the performance of a super computer at the price of an entry level PC."

The analysis reckons that the combined material and manufacturing cost for the 20GB version is $805.85 and $840.35 for the 60GB version/ That means Sony makes a big loss on each PS3 it sells.

The Xbox 360 has a BOM (bill of materials) of $323.30. "The size of Sony's loss per unit is remarkable, even for the video game console business," said iSuppli.

Rassweiler added: "While many fret over the high cost of the Playstation 3 compared to the competition, iSuppli believes the console provides more processing power and capability than any consumer electronics device in history. Because of this, the Playstation 3 is a great bargain, well worth its $599 price and $840.35 cost."

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CompGeek4449d ago

I note that they are telling you Son'y cost for the entire package, nd then only the raw box cost for the 360. On top of that, subract $200+ for just blue ray, which isn't a genius part of the engineering but more of a splotch.

ASTAROTH4448d ago

and it ends at the same price of the 360. On top of that it get wireless conection and a bigger HD drive. Ohhh!! and HDMI. This if you subtstract the same amount you are going to pay just for a HD DVD movie add on on the 360. You sound idiotic dont you?? If you dont like it go FK URS ELF!!!

Lucidmantra4448d ago

Neither one of you idiots is right... It is the AMOUNT to manufacture each console. We all know the PS3 is more to manufacture. we all HOPE it lives up to what the specifications and the blue sheets say it can do. Do yourselves a favor and pull the corporate banner out of your asses and be a gamer. Not a biased fanboi. and for all of you who think I am JUST a 360 fanboi I was about 1 mm for a BIN on a PS3 to play resistance... But I will wait. And I will get one when I see something that isn't what i got on the 360. And yes it will happen. Shadow of the Collosus 2 maybe? something like that will make me buy it.

But... BOTTOM LINE. PS3 is more expensive to manufacture and so Sony for now will be no light at the end of the tunnel for profits with their free online service they are paying to keep up and etc. etc. Just the facts please.

THWIP4449d ago

The 360 costs a helluva lot more than $323 to make; it's more like $500. Hell, they recently announced that they were losing more now, than at launch.
The fact that this guy misrepresents the PS3 as a "PC", is PROOF he was paid by Sony; no "expert" in their right mind, would make such a bogus statement, and risk their reputation.

Silver Bull3t4449d ago

Tell that to the guys who have to code for it!

CompGeek4449d ago


we can all say ""own3d"

videl4449d ago

haha, the ps3 ist the best console. i am surpriced that the xcrapbox costs 200$ for ms, i am sure its not worth 10$.

THWIP4449d ago

He said: "Haha, I'm such an ignorant, inbred buffoon, that I believe everything Krazy Ken tells me. I wish I could afford a 360, but I only have $10 to my name, and I haven't mowed a lawn in over a month. :( "

pmx4449d ago

PS3 = a killing a fly with a gun,
Please show me the difference of the 360 Vs. the PS3 that cost US$ 200.00 MORE + 1 year and more waiting.


Lucidmantra4448d ago

Killing a fly with a gun is hard as hell to do. Unless you use like a shotgun. But i think it is part of Sony masterplan. Give them more than they can wish for and then disappoint them time and time again in some way.

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The story is too old to be commented.