Homless wait in line for PlayStation 3

A man drops off homeless people at a local target so they can buy him some PS3s he can later sell on eBay for $2000 a piece.

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THWIP4450d ago

I hope Abdul's hired homeless bail on him, when they realize there's only 8 units at the store....otherwise, he's a dead man. :D

BIadestarX4450d ago

well... well... well...
If you though you was going to line up to get a PS3, wait until you go make the line and find 20 homeless men camping. No one can beat a homeless person at camping!

OutLaw4450d ago

The smell that must be coming out from that line. I wouldn't want to be behind them.

Anerythristic264450d ago

I am more concerned about this Ebay selling thing. The PS3 is going to have a terrible attach rate in the US also. At my local Wal Mart there are 8 to 10 people camping out which is about 4 more than there were for the 360. The catch is this , my wife and I spoke to them and most of them want to sell it on Ebay and that's it, there were only 3 guys in thier late teens that wanted it to play games on and keep. I rembember with the 360 6 or 7 people wanted it for keeps and 1 guy was buying it to sell it on Ebay... this was outside a Gamestop though.

Ugly American4450d ago

Why are you concerned about people selling them on Ebay? If you are not in line right now or haven't pre-ordered, you aren't getting one anway. Or are you saying you are concerned because you have a personal stake in the company?

I am just concerned that you are concerned...

PS360PCROCKS4450d ago

this is rediculous, this guys taking advantage of homeless people for money? It doesnt matter if hes paying them he is taking advantage of their misfortunes which is just wrong

Thugbot1874450d ago

So I guess employers take advantage of their employees’ situation for needing money. Yes, you can look at some aspects of it being ethically wrong. However think about it what would they be doing if they weren’t there? Sitting on a corner somewhere else for free wasting time begging for money(No not all beg for money is true and that’s a bit of a Stereotype but the point they more than likely wouldn’t be doing anything else productive, and it is a job that doesn’t hurt, kill or abuse anyone. )… I think it’s a win, win situation for both of them; the homeless wanting money and the guy want a PS3. The only ethical thing I would say would be is it’s unfair that he’s able to get multiple PS3, because each person he paid to be in line is entitled to a PS3.

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