US PS3 Launch Limited to Top 5 Stores?

Apparently, trying to get the PS3 from a smaller retail chain isn't an option. You'll have to line up and hope you get one of the 400k units that millions of eBayers will be wanting.

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Bishop4450d ago

Smaller companies that deal in electronics are being alotted a very limted amount of PS3's that will not make to all stores. I reserved a PS3 about 8 months ago yet I will not recive one at launch because that I reserved through only recived 100 PS3's that had to be distriputed to rough 1200 locations "you do the math". So needless to say I am a bit peived about the whole situation and at this point this new generations of consoles just seem to be a huge batch of problems and disapointments.

I was able to get a 360 at launch but the games are very limted, PS3's launch is abismal and the Wii is entertaining but not what I wanted in a next-gen console. I am truly displeased with all three companies.

Grown Folks Talk4450d ago

but i still don't get why everyone expects a slew of great titles right off the bat for these systems. it's new, advanced hardware. they have barely maxed out the potential of the xbox and ps2, yet people expect perfection on early 360 and ps3 titles.

calderra4450d ago

"i still don't get why everyone expects a slew of great titles right off the bat for these systems"

Ummmm.... here's why:

Call of Duty 2
Project Gotham 3
Need for Speed: MW
Perfect Dark Zero (er, everyone expected a great game there)
Quake 4 (again, at least an anticipated hit)
Geometry Wars and Friends on Arcade
DOA4 hit soon after launch

Excite Truck
Dragon Quest
Metal Slug
Plus the online downloadables

I think THAT's why people set high bars for system launches.

Grown Folks Talk4450d ago (Edited 4450d ago )

if you consider those GREAT, that's your opinion. there were some very good titles such as cod2. i've yet to play a wii game, so i can't comment on those. either way you slice it, it's still only a handful of games. most people speak as if every single release should be top notch as if that's how it used to be. you're always going to have sub-par games, especially early in a systems' life.

Sexius Maximus4450d ago

My local Shopko is getting 2 units

DEIx15x84450d ago

So which statement was not a lie? They contradict themselves way to much!