Wiinjuries - Careful, you could put your eye out!

It's not often we're graced with controllers with potential for injury above and beyond a thumb callus. Every once in a while we hear about Guitar Hero destroying someone's knee, but an actual mainstream, comes-with-the-console device that will leave thousands maimed or dead? We haven't seen such carnage since the R.O.B. rebellion of '86.

The Wii comes with about seventeen pages of warnings about using the Wiimote without the wrist strap.

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ryanjtravis4443d ago

HAHAHAHA wow those pics on 1up are way too funny. I love it.

ryanjtravis4443d ago

Particularly, the "Nightmares" one... lol

PS360WII4443d ago

heh they guys face is great

CyberSentinel4443d ago

OMG! those pic's had me ROTFLMAO! I haven't laughed like that in a long time. ;p

ThomasDaGamer4443d ago

...on something that could kill you if not taken seriously?

Oh, someone who sees those pics :P