Next Generation: PS3 Not Worth $600

In their review of the PS3, Next Generation concludes that "the PS3 is a must-buy – eventually. But is it worth $600 and a night in a parking lot? Not a chance."

"So what are we left with? In 2006, PlayStation 3 isn't about what the system can do. It's about what the system will do. Yes, if you spend $600 you deserve to get $600 worth of entertainment. But it's a (minimum) six-year promise that Sony's making, and it'll take a while for the games to ramp up, as it always does. Is it worth it right now? No. Even the Blu-ray movie selection kind of sucks.

But will the PS3 be worth it in the end? There can't be a doubt. At a base level, Sony has achieved every function essential for this system to compete with the 360. You can argue the finer points, but if you suggest that the PS3 isn't exactly what it needs to be, you're simply wrong. It's the inheritor of the PlayStation legacy, and it's also a system that is a technical powerhouse and an attractive one, too. The PS3 is a must-buy – eventually. But is it worth $600 and a night in a parking lot? Not a chance."

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marcusfenix4445d ago

That it isn't worth 499-599, maybe 299-399. I still wouldn't take it if it were given to me with all the games and accessories. They are doing nothing to make the gaming community better, just making themselves look bad.

Ugly American4445d ago

Really... you wouldn't take the hottest item on the market for free right now? Your life is really that good right now? I am an avid 360 gamer and soon to be PS3 owner, but that level of ridiculousness is well, ridiculous. You wouldn't even take it and sell it? Really?

marcusfenix4444d ago

I despise Sony and their under handed tactics, you could say the same about Microsoft except Microsoft gives billions back to the community through charities and educational programs.

Boink4445d ago

get a 360 or a wii now, and then get a ps3 when the price drops if the games interest you.

PS360WII4445d ago

Have always said that the ps3 will take time. The golden games that playstation is know for won't be coming out for a year or two. So yeah the system is worth 600 bones easy. Just not at launch more of an investment really

Ravenator5294445d ago

When it comes to gaming consoles, Sony just can't sit back and wait for people to buy the PS3. They are already a full year behind and the production numbers are WAY BELOW what they promised! Even after a delayed launch!

This is what Sony gets for being too greedy! They could have left Blu-Ray out and sold the PS3 at the same cost of the 360.

They already had the majority of studio support for Blu-Ray, so why did they have to mess up the Playstation line by trying to force Blu-Ray into the home? In turn, screwing up the greatest thing that Sony had going for them!

The hype will eventually die down, just like it did with the 360.

When there are 3 systems to choose from with readily available inventory, that is when the real race will begin!

But as of right now, Sony is playing catch-up!

BenzMoney4445d ago

The PS3 is ESPECIALLY not worth it if you don't have a tv that natively accepts a 720p signal! *NONE* of the PS3's games that are 720p will upscale to 1080i! Therefore, if you have a CRT HDTV (only about 2% of them accept a 720p signal, natively) then your PS3 will be downscaling all games to 480p! SONY SUCKS! How is this acceptable?! Yet so many sheep are going to go out there and buy a PS3 without even knowing the facts first! Complete and utter crap! 480p?!?! WTF?!

PS360WII4445d ago

That's in another discusion, but thanks for playing

Dlacy13g4445d ago

BUT...given it down scales 1080i HD-TV's to 480p it really screams not worth $500-600. So yeah, it is kinda related. It's just a feature quirk that the author of this article didn't probably know about at the time. Cause it certainly is a HUGE reason not to buy a PS3 if you own one of those TV's. I WOULD BE PISSED HAD I BOUGHT A PS3 AT $500/$600 AS I HAPPEN TO OWN A 1080i HD-TV. I mean this is a very big deal as I think many people are under the assumption their existing HD TV's will work fine...and fact is...they may actually get a worse picture using the PS3 if they own one of those affected TV's.

BenzMoney4445d ago

I caught the other post further down the page after I posted this comment. "But thanks for playing." Seriously, who the hell says that? Get a life, buddy. Even if the story *is* stashed further down the page, this is HUGE news. If all the PS3 can do is output in 480p then that is a nail in the coffin. Only blind fanboys will still buy a PS3.

PS360WII4445d ago

tell me to get a life when all you do is hunt down bad pr about sony and post it in every forum.... okay look in the mirror next time you say get a life

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