Shine Thief, Bob-Omb Blast Battle Modes Spotted In Mario Kart 8

The Bob-Omb Blast and Shine Thief battle modes could be making their way to Mario Kart 8 in the near future, as depicted by a newly surfaced image.

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Geobros2504d ago

If those rumors are true, i find very strange that they have been leaked so easily. Without doubt, image looks real...

nintendo_fan_4life2504d ago

I'm willing to bet these last two rumors Nintendo News published came from someone at E3.

colonel1792504d ago

Exactly. Even though the Digital Event is tomorrow, they already have setup Nintendo's booth at E3, so there's a lot of chance someone was sneaking there to leak news.

3-4-52504d ago

Nintendo WANTS these to leak out...possibly. to hype people up maybe?

They could STEAL the summer by including BLOCK FORT.

BigBosss2504d ago

OMG please be true, battle mode atm sucks

MasterChief36242504d ago

Indeed. While I actually somewhat enjoy the battle mode in Mario Kart 8, it feels lifeless and empty. It feels like Nintendo spent all of their work and resources on making the rest of the game and then they realized, "Oh yeah... every Mario Kart has had a battle mode.. we should throw one together real quick."

It has no thought behind it, at all. It alleviates the problem of going in constant circles around each other on certain arenas in past battle modes, but it removes the fun in the process.

I'm personally hoping we will be able to customize which items get used in the battles... Past just shells and bob-ombs. I'm talking a checklist like Super Smash Bros. Brawl's item system, where you can check if you want only Red Shells, only Invincibility Stars, or perhaps Green Shells with Bob-Ombs... I wish there were more customization in general.

Hopefully this image is legitimate, and hopefully it is a sign that DLC will indeed be coming to Mario Kart 8. With Nintendo's previous record with DLC, especially most recently with Mario Golf: World Tour, I welcome more tracks, characters, and modes with very warm and open arms. :)

I wonder if they'll be able to squeeze a Coin Rush mode into this one... that could be super fun!

BigBosss2504d ago

Very well said my good friend :)

wonderfulmonkeyman2504d ago

Include new arena maps in the dlc that hosts these new modes, and they'll make a fortune off of it if it's not free dlc...

randomass1712504d ago

DLC or a free update? True or not true? Hmm...

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