Bungie clarifies online features for Destiny

Following the leaking of a video of the Alpha version of Bungie's long-awaited Destiny, lead game designer Luke Smith has taken it upon himself to explain how the game will be structured.

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user14394142503d ago

This game will not be as good as The Last of Us but I might play it. XoXoXo

logan_izer102503d ago

You're comparing apples and oranges

GetSomeLoGiK2503d ago

That's like comparing Uncharted to Halo. You just can't.

Askanison42503d ago

Really unsure of the relevance of this one...

Bereaver2503d ago

Why do you all insist on posting things when you can clearly see he's trolling?

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logan_izer102503d ago

Dude, you are so annoying. You post the same comment in every single page