Bungie clarifies online features for Destiny

Following the leaking of a video of the Alpha version of Bungie's long-awaited Destiny, lead game designer Luke Smith has taken it upon himself to explain how the game will be structured.

user14394143696d ago

This game will not be as good as The Last of Us but I might play it. XoXoXo

logan_izer103696d ago

You're comparing apples and oranges

GetSomeLoGiK3696d ago

That's like comparing Uncharted to Halo. You just can't.

Askanison43696d ago

Really unsure of the relevance of this one...

Bereaver3696d ago

Why do you all insist on posting things when you can clearly see he's trolling?

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logan_izer103696d ago

Dude, you are so annoying. You post the same comment in every single page


Ex Destiny and Halo Producer Says Live Service Is 'Better for Developers and Players'

A former Halo and Destiny executive producer has said the live service model is "so much better for developers and players" than the one-off $60 purchase model.

Christopher26d ago

Typically the best games of each year say otherwise.

Christopher26d ago

Alan Wake 2, BG3, Tears of the Kingdom, Elden Ring, GoW Ragnarok, Hades, Returnal, Fallout 4, Dishonored, It Takes Two, Untitled Goose Game, Breath of the Wild, both of The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima, Sekiro, Psychonauts 2, Control, Celeste, Super Mario Odyssey, Bloodborne, The Outer Wilds, The Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Cocoon, The Dredge, and more and more and more.

Up against Overwatch and Destiny as far as critical acclaim and recognition as 'better' for players.

And, let me be honest, even 'for developers' is a lie. Want to know why? Because it's only good for people who can pump out graphics constantly and not overall quest designers, coders, engine devs, etc.

What this guy means is "we can give a lot of cosmetic content to players, who we think players like more because people spend money on it, and it's best for us because we don't have to pay for a full team to create a new game and just the people to pump out new graphics from one season to another." In no way is his comment a true reflection of what is 'better for players' let alone 'better for the industry stability over longer periods of time.'

This is more investor mindset focusing on maximizing profits by getting consumers to buy less for more while they spend less making it. That's it.

You know what's best for players? Newer, better, and more content that is good and not just cosmetic. Live service isn't that unless you pay $60 a year to them to add more for it (like Destiny and CoD do). Then you might get some improvements and new content. Even then? Not usually.

just_looken25d ago

In terms of player feedback/awards yes but the list you made are all nothing in terms of profit.

Call of duty mobile alone laughs at that list that game is a billion dollar money making machine.

Toss in your apex/mmo/rivals/fortnight/robl ox/minecraft monoploy go or back to console with elder scrolls fallout 76.

Basically there is alot more live service style games that hit or go above the billion dollar mark than your list and that is what the people at top want cold hard cash. Heck alot fo them make a billion + a year

Gta 5 single player profit vs gtao profit as a example now that ps5/series has gtao as a free standalone with gta + there printing cash like its going out of style over there.

Christopher25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Being more profitable isn't better for the consumer or developers. That's better for executives in suits.

just_looken25d ago


Umm exactly who do you think pay's the bill's and hands out the games budgets?

They have 0 care about a games award's/feedback its all profit driven some use to care like sony back in the day now its profit first.

0 likes shows how many are still on copium thinking the big publishers care about them

aaronaton26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Well the Poll on the website is suggesting he is massively wrong and out of touch.
A big majority of the vote going to "I prefer one off purchases with paid expansions"

Couldn't agree more.

Inverno26d ago

I'll always think the concept is awesome. Back during the PS3 era I pictured a Spider-Man game that would be the traditional open world swinging playground that they typically are but every comic issue would be turned into dlc. It'd be the entirety of the Amazing line, 2 to 3 issues at a time, turnt to dlc until the entire Amazing line is told in form of a game. That concept eventually made it to the industry and they have consistently fk'd it up with every game that has been made as a "service".

jznrpg26d ago

There is nothing like sitting down , popping in a great single player game and blocking out the world.

OtterX26d ago

Sometimes I like to log into Fortnite and Call of Duty and just sit and listen to 12 years call me a n*****, f**, m***** f***** just so I can remember why I like to play single player games.

GhostScholar26d ago

Not for players over the age of 12

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