5 things Sony must show at E3 2014

E3 is about to hit us. What do Sony need to show us to keep riding on the PS4 wave?

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user74029312503d ago

shadow of the beast gameplay

SliceOfTruth8882503d ago

If The Last Guardian is not even mentioned by Sony they are going to lose e3 no matter what they do

Utalkin2me2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

I totally disagree. While TLG would be a megaton. It's not needed if Sony has some other nice aces up it's sleeve. Which im positive they will. They have the momentum and they will to try to keep carrying that forward.

MysticStrummer2503d ago

"If The Last Guardian is not even mentioned by Sony they are going to lose e3 no matter what they do"

Not at all. TLG would be huge, especially if it got a 2014 release date, but it's not needed for success. Sony just needs to show games in general, old favorites and new IPs.

modesign2503d ago

GTA5 did sell nearly 4 million more copies on ps3 than 360, so no surprise sony would announce a ps4 version.

gamerfan09092503d ago

Where did you get that info?

colonel1792503d ago

People complain about cross gen games, yet they ask for GTA V to be released on the PS4. IMO, Cross gen games and HD remasters/re-releases must die.

IRetrouk2503d ago

Not if they are quality, tomb raider was worth the upgrade so was assasins creed black flag and need for speed, then we have oddworld, tlou still to come, I dont want them to die, I want more, I understand why you dont want them but for me the added touches help the game be more than it was, wether thats resolution, framerate or effects.

gamerfan09092503d ago

TLG has to be a must show right now. You can't have a huge publication like IGN flat out say the game is cancelled and not show it. I think as much as people just want games, they need to explain and show off at least 15 minutes of PS now. I need to know whether this is a legit service or a service exploiting the lack of backwards compatibility.

What's the price, the advantages, the disadvantages, ect. I want to see a roadmap of what the PS4 is going to be for the next 2 years. What games are coming, how many AAA games are in development, who's working on IP. Lastly, I want to see Uncharted 4 up and running and hopefully we get a release window.

All in all I think they'll have a good E3 as will MS and the next year will be interesting to watch. Both consoles being 400 bucks means one system seller can close ground or make that sales gap even bigger.

uth112503d ago

You can't just add a game to your presentation at the 11th hour just because some media outlet printed a rumor about it. It takes time to develop the trailers/scripts, etc.

colonel1792503d ago

15 minutes of PS NOW??!!! No way! They'd be better by doing a Youtube video explaining the service and making a Blog post with the details. Minutes in the conference are precious, I don't want Sony to waste them on PS Now (or VR).

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