The Video Game Plumber Should be Sacked

"Whether it’s a screenshot, trailer, gameplay video or an outright game announcement, leakages have frequently occurred in some shape or form in the build up to E3. It begs the question; why can’t content just be kept hidden until intentionally being revealed?"

In this article Steve from Gaming Orbit discusses his suspicion on the frequent 'leakages' in gaming that have occurred in the build up to E3 2014.

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sameerhusain2505d ago

Im guessing people want to know before anyone else.

uth112505d ago

no doubt many things are 'leaked on purpose' and not true leaks,

But if the author has such an issue with E3 being 'spoiled' with early trailer releases or announcements, it's simple. Don't watch them before E3

mattritchiegspresso2504d ago

That's a good shout, but what's the point in E3 if everything's online before the event takes place?