Dance Central: Spotlight coming to Xbox One

Parallax Play: "Just hours ahead of Microsoft's E3 Press conference, it seems details of some of the new titles are starting to trickle out online. Today, the ESRB Rating site revealed Dance Central: Spotlight from Harmonix among their latest game rating posts. Hopefully we can expect to hear more about this game during the press event later today."

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Rockefellow2508d ago

Man, I never imagined Harmonix would have this many projects in the works at once. Two Kinect games, Amplitude reboot, that first-person music shooter for PC, and two OTHER unannounced new IPs... Something in that bunch must have been put to the side or cancelled, or Harmonix is a lot bigger than I reckoned.

oSHINSAo2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

i wish Amplitude is in Xbox, but i doubt it...

GameDev12508d ago

The Amplitude reboot is only for Playstation consoles

Rockefellow2508d ago

I'm sure Harmonix would have liked to have been on as many platforms as possible. Sony owns the IP though, meaning it'll never come to any platform not belonging to Sony. The Kickstarter went into great detail on this issue.

christocolus2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )


They are a very talented studio and they've grown in recent years.they've always stuck to what they are best at and its paid off for them.

Ontopic :the DC franchise is great&ive owned all past DC games.If this is true ill be picking up DC:spotlight day one&maybe fantasia too. What's amplitude about?I've never really heard about it.

gamerfan09092508d ago

How does Harmonix have so many projects open at once? Fantasia and this should sell decently at least.

True_Samurai2508d ago

Yes, my family love to play dance central with our relatives when they come over for the holidays

HacSawJimThugin2508d ago

Loved this game on 360. Great party game.