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Delsin_Rowe2509d ago

This is no longer Naked Snake and Big Boss, he is just blood thirty killer. I feel that I not going to start not liking this game much. Oh well at least I could play the Legacy.

KonsoruMasuta2509d ago

If you play the original games, Big boss wasn't portrayed as a particularly nice person.

It wasn't until MGS 3 where they started softening him up.

LordMaim2509d ago

That was because MGS3 was Snake before he started the journey to becoming Big Boss. He has to go through this process to move from protagonist to antagonist.

Hopefully this eventually leads to a current gen recreation of Metal Gear. Goddamn would that be awesome.

Army_of_Darkness2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Quiet..... I wanna see more Quiet! ..errr.. was her name Quiet, hush or silent?? shit I forgot...

MWong2509d ago

I cannot wait to get my hands on this game. The prequel to what happened in Outer Heaven.

@ Lord Maim
I just wonder with a new Metal Gear would Snake be alive or will he have died after the events of MGS4?

Delsin_Rowe2509d ago

But he wasn't portray in old metal gear games to have horns, scar over his face.

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NovusTerminus2509d ago

This game is about him becoming the villain he was in MG...

Summons752509d ago

But that's how his character progresses. He was portrayed as the villain in 1,2,4. Think about it after going through all the s*** he went through, lost as many people close to him, accepted the fact and built an entire army on that just to have it all ripped away, I don't think he is going to want to sit down for tea he is out for blood now and he won't stop. MGS 3 and PW lead to this point and now we get to see the fallout.

zsquaresoff2509d ago

Well, there was nothing "hard to watch" in this trailer. I hope this isn't what Kojima was referring to.

hkgamer2509d ago

kojima trolling, or pr stunts to grab medias attention

Gohadouken2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Come of on let's not pretend the gore and explosing heads are common in the MGS univerge .

I dont care if you saw more gory movies and games , within the context of metal gear , the tone , the mood , the pathos and the violence was pretty bleak . So his point fits

zsquaresoff2509d ago

By today's gaming standards, there was nothing "shocking" in this video.

Blowing heads and dismembered limbs are common in gaming nowadays.

I'm sure the story is going to be good and some elements in the game will be shocking, but as far as this trailer goes, the way Kojima hyped it.

Sorry, nothing shocking here.

Baka-akaB2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

He said within the context of metal gear ... regardless of what you saw elsewhere . I doubt Kojima even claimed it would be the most shocking thing ever .With your outlook , seems like you were setting yourself up for dissapointment

Eamon2509d ago

Well perhaps he'll release a red-band extended version later on lol

But yeah, not much that was shocking. I was expecting slow torture of a child or something like that.

Mrtemper2509d ago


Just like last year.


I think he may have been referring to fans such as Delsin_Rowe (no offence) up above not wanting to see Naked Snake/Big Boss becoming the antagonist, hence the change in the V.o. actor and all. Some fans don't want this, even though we all knew it was coming. I think it's nice seeing a series finally come full circle (I can't think of another one, granted I don't know every game so there is no way I could). It really feels as though Kojima is trying to give everything to the fans so that he can finally step away from the franchise. We know how it all begins and ends, and he's literally been telling us everything in between.

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hkgamer2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

the transition we all been waiting for. hopefully it will be better than the anakin to darth vador moment.

trailer wasn't all that great. but i guess theres lots of hidden meanings.

im hoping liquid will play a big role in this game.

a little off topic, but is chico dead?

generic-user-name2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

There is a chance that Chico is now Quiet.

EDIT: @hkgamer, they may have but I wouldn't let that rule the theory out, I'm sure they wouldn't admit to it if it was true and remember the whole MGS2-Raiden thing, they aren't above being misleading.

The theory itself sounds ridiculous at first but there is some solid (no pun intended) reasoning behind it.

hkgamer2509d ago

didnt the quiet model and konami say that quiet is not chico?

Summons752509d ago

Chico ISN'T Quiet. That whole theory was ridiculous and unbelievable to begin with and they shot that down.

Jilokle2509d ago

After Peace Walker, I'm pretty sure this is going to be the best metal gear ever made, for it's gameplay and multiplayer. And obviously the plot of the game.

ginsunuva2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

What was the point of PW/GZ ?

They just spent time creating Mother Base, then it got destroyed. It was like two filler games.

And so will this game show us the making of Outer Heaven or Zanzibarland?

daBUSHwhaka2509d ago

Looks sweet.Can't wait for this.

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