Five Great Games I Never Finished

Sebastian Young discusses his dirty secret of not finishing games, while highlighting the five best, unfinished games he's played.

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ArchangelMike2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I never got to finish either Demons Souls or Dark Souls. SAme with Red Dead Redemption and Far Cry 3. Generally I'm quite good though. I try not to buy a new game unless I've completed the previous one I bought.

Doesn't always work, especially when games get released within a few weeks of each other. The months of August to October will be bad for me this year. Between Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition, Hell Divers, Alien Isolation, Shadow of Mordor, Destiny, Dragon Age Inquistion, Far Cry 4... oh man... it's never going to end...

p.s. good job some big games got pushed to 2015 afterall!!!

ger23962499d ago

Agree, having a family, work full time and a social life. Its getting harder to play and finish a lot of games.

DualWielding2499d ago

My favorite game of all times is Suikoden 2, I have finished the game 3 times but have never managed to get all 108 stars because I always miss the deadline for recruiting clive

Sashimi_Sensei2499d ago

Yeah I used to try to finish one game before I bought another, but like ArchanelMike said, it's not always possible when loads of great games come out at once. Also, with PS Plus, I now have more games than I could ever possibly play. But hey, 1st world problems huh?

djplonker2499d ago

I got 3/4 of the way through uncharted and then for some reason I ended getting half way through uncharted 2 before finishing the first and uncharted 3 is still unopened.

maybe I should play the first one tonight while waiting for sonys e3 conference seems fitting!

incendy352499d ago

Even though I have roughly 200 hours into Forza 5, I am still not done haha. Mostly because I am obsessed with getting gold in each race on nearly full SIM. I will finish it though!

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