Linkin Park game launches: Linkin Park Recharge – Wastelands

Hit international rock band Linkin Park announced the official launch of the 3D action game "Linkin Park Recharge - Wastelands" a third person action shooter with tactical elements for the iPad.

Players will also get exclusive access to the song "Wastelands" prior to the launch of Link Park's new album, "The Hunting Party", which releases later this month. Linkin Park Recharge – Wastelands offers an engaging and challenging mobile experience with superb graphics and gameplay.

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DesVader2503d ago

Cool to see a band embracing the gaming media like this.

HanCilliers2503d ago

I agree, and then the game looks really good as well

rdgneoz32503d ago

Game looks good overall, except for costing $3 and still having in-app purchases...

Agent_hitman2503d ago

Linkin PArk loves gaming and I think they are very inspired to create their own Gaming Studio to make games.. This is a good start imo.

HanCilliers2503d ago

I agree, and just their name with a game makes it worth looking at

Sillicur2503d ago

Completely agreed, their name will by itself go very far

Kavorklestein2503d ago

I remember playing Crimson Skies and Halo with these guys backstage here in Salt Lake City ages ago. They definitely are gamers through and through.
Game looks pretty decent as well!

HanCilliers2503d ago

Can see the mark on gaming a lot it's epic

GamePeace2503d ago

Guess they will be the only ones playing their game.
*Back to Dark Souls 2*

plut0nash2503d ago

haha I don't blame you for getting back to DS2. Curious, what build are you doing atm? I'll play it and judge though.

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