5 of IGN's Biggest E3 2014 Hopes

From Uncharted to Final Fantasy, IGN goes over their hopes for this year's E3.

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Christopher2119d ago

What? No The Last Guardian in that list? Interesting.


Hk85karlsson2119d ago

They had it, then they chose not to (due to rumours) and then it was back again (thx to Moriarty), and now its lost again =)

BinaryMind2119d ago

It will take a long time for IGN to live this down. Not like many people took them seriously before anyway.

Rute2119d ago

A top 5 is quite restricting and leaves out quite a many interesting titles no matter what games are chosen. Mass Effect 4, Halo 5 and Zelda are really interesting as well imo.

Stoppokingme2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Their biggest hope is that everyone forgets the Last Guardian debacle.

IGN- Insiders Got Nothin'.

Captain Qwark 92119d ago

boring list. i feel like its always the same games

kingmushroom2119d ago

i want a Fallout 4 so bad