Breaking Down Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's Leaked E3 Trailer

Twinfinite writes:

In case you missed it, Konami leaked the E3 trailer for MGS V: The Phantom Pain by accident. They've taken the video down, but here's what you need to know.

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hkgamer2500d ago

kinda agree, the last trailer and song was better.

probably a lot of hidden hints in that trailer though. need to watch it again.

itsRehabTime2500d ago

the trailer was badly produced, Who ever done it couldn't produce a fart.

''Hideo said: Metal Gear Solid V trailer would contain some content that might be hard to watch. ''

I do agree, as a MGS fan boy. It was hard to watch as it was rubbish. The trailer was to WEST for me.

CDbiggen2500d ago

As someone who has followed the series fanatically since mgs1 appeared I feel so strange in not really feeling excited about MGSVs release. Everything from the quiet controversy, the ground zeroes value, the treatment of David hayter, how western the game feels, etc has taken away for me the excitement I used to feel for each new release. I know it won't feel the same for me anymore.

--bienio--2500d ago

Im disappointment, I counted at the end of the trailer will be something said about the PC version, and I see that it's just my hope was .. Kojima F @ ck how long keep Pc players wait???!!!

sungin2500d ago

the guy who said watchdogs 9/10,console fanboys talk from there butts

--bienio--2500d ago

does not matter .. I hope everyone will have fun with this title ..

ZodTheRipper2500d ago

Are you seriously still expecting a PC release? A Metal Gear game on PC is unlikely for various reasons.

starchild2500d ago

What about Metal Gear Rising Revengeance? That came out on PC and Kojima has expressed interest in having Ground Zeroes and M G S 5 on PC as well.

ZodTheRipper2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

^Well yes, a year later or what was it? And it came from Platinum which used a new engine for it. Even though Fox Engine is easily scalable I don't expect to see a PC version of MGS5 at all. Just get a console for it, you're missing out on the best exclusives if you don't.

@Disagrees: I don't count Metal Gear Rising into the main MGS franchise. Konami rarely releases games on PC and I don't expect this to change anytime soon.

starchild2500d ago

I also own a PS4 so I'm covered either way, I just didn't necessarily agree with your reasoning. Konami also released Castlevania Lords of Shadow and Lords of Shadow 2 on the PC by the way.

ZodTheRipper2500d ago

Sure but I'm still sceptic. Maybe we'll see it one day but certainly not simultaneously with the console versions.

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KonsoruMasuta2500d ago

Kojima said a PC version is not a priority, meaning he isn't working on one at this time.
If it does come out, it will be atleast be a two year wait like MGS 1 and MGS 2.

I remember telling you this before.


Also, MG Rising was not developed by Kojima Productions.

nthstew2500d ago

coming 1984 means 19-8+4=15.... 2015! comfirmed

MasterCornholio2500d ago

Dang it i thought it would be this year.

ZodTheRipper2500d ago

Really? I always thought next year ...maybe summer 2015.

hkgamer2500d ago

1984 -> 19/84 -> 19/8/4 -> 19/8/2014
omg its coming out in 2 months!!!!

MrChicagoWind2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Ho-ly Shit ... it's a Tuesday.

[Edit]: we can dream right?

sungin2500d ago

wow the graphic are not the same as the e3.false advertisement

trenso12500d ago

dont even start with that bull crap

NovusTerminus2500d ago

For the people who say the trailer, is it cross gen? Or did they show platforms?

I don't want details to the trailer I'll will watch it on the press event, just wondering about that.

ZodTheRipper2500d ago

Of course it's cross gen, it always was.

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