H1Z1 Release Date Leaked Before E3

FroxerBBQ today shows us that H1Z1 has a release date, 30 June 2014 on Gamespot.

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ROQFrost2509d ago

H1Z1 on the PS4 will be crazy fun!

BattleAxe2509d ago

Should be pretty fun on PC too :)

MasterCornholio2509d ago

I hope its cross play.


Then ill eat your brains and gain your knowledge.

JoeIsMad2509d ago

It may well be cross-play like Final Fantasy is.

MrDreadnought2509d ago

@MasterCornholio I do agree that cross play is fun, but at least in games like Battlefield, tis kind of unfair to have someone in a controller face someone with a keyboard and mouse, at least in my point of view..

bmf73642509d ago

@drakir Every PC is different so fairness is not exactly the best thing to call for in PC gaming. Someone could have crossfired 3 Titan Z's, have Google Fiber,and a 4k monitor while you have a 750 ti and broadband at 720p. Guess who has the advantage?

Grap2509d ago

No one. IF you have good connection then you are the same as the other players. And BTW what does graphics card have to do with anything?.

andibandit2509d ago


Higher resolution and better graphics are not necesseraly an advantage. From someone who can max BF4, but dosnt.

ocelot072509d ago

@Grap well for example in games such as DayZ and Rust. If one dude with a PC with settings on low stands up in a tall grass field. Then a guy who has his game on max settings lays down in the same grass field. Guess who will have the advantage over the other?

The guy with the low settings. As more than likely he will have the grass turned off. So will clearly see the guy hiding in the grass. Where the guy hiding in the grass will simply see tall grass and not be able to sport the other guy unless he stands up.

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MrSec842509d ago

I'm looking forward to giving that game a try.

brightlight2509d ago

hopefully it won't take forever to release, i'm looking at you PlanetSide!

Hi3i2509d ago

I dont like the flu either

Omegasyde2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

As a kid the flu was awesome. You got out of school and chores.

As an Adult, the flu sucks when you REALLY get it. You miss work, which can affect your paycheck.

Now as an Adult I get the "flu" all the damn time!

Baby shower?
Boss's Birthday Party?
Company Picnic?
BBQ at the in-laws?

Sorry I have the flu. *Cough* *Cough* Its a good thing Videogames help the recovery process. ;)

Omegasyde2509d ago

I thought PC first than PS4 later on (like Planetside, everyquest 1, DCUO)....

I think this might be a typo.

WalterWJR2509d ago

I think you are maybe thinking of dayz?

user56695102509d ago

Your right. They said it maybe come to ps4 because its Sony and if it comes out its going to be after PC version. People make this game seem like its a PS exclusive even though they haven't officially announce it for ps4. Look at the tag ps4 no PC tag lol. People reaching.

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The story is too old to be commented.