Get $150 towards PS4 purchase with PS3/360 trade in at GameStop until June 15

GameStop is running a stellar promotion right now in the US where consumers who trade in specific 360/PS3 models can get $100-$150 credit towards a PS4 system.

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starchild2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Not a bad deal. Unfortunately I need my PS3 to make up for my PS4's lack of "backwards compatibility". But this deal doesn't seem to apply towards an Xbox One anyway, and I'm not even completely sure if I'm going to get an Xbox One. Not that it is a bad console, I simply already own a gaming PC and a PS4 and I already have a huge back log of games to play. We'll see how I feel after E3. Halo 5 should be pretty amazing.

Anyway, for those that don't need their PS3 or 360 anymore and plan to get a PS4 this is a pretty good deal.

ravinash2500d ago

I still need to get through the last half of Skyrim and then Dark souls 2 before I can even think about trading anything in...even if I wanted to do that.
It might be another year before I'm ready to upgrade.

Nodoze2500d ago

Do they test the consoles? I have an older 360 doorstop that I would love to trade in.

LAWSON722500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Yeah let's trade in are broke consoles so they can be sold to people broken. Human beings and benefiting only themselves go together like PB&J. I feel bad for the child who gets that for Christmas lol

They are tested btw, though I have seen some people get away with it because of lazy employees, so I would not be surprised if you got away with it.

kreate2500d ago

u can always take it back and they'll switch u a working one.

but that kid won't be playing anything on Christmas though.
poor kid.

LAWSON722500d ago

My PS3 is going nowhere.

Baccra172500d ago

If the PS3 didn't have any life yet and the PS4 could do the simple things I need a PS3 for, like watch my downloaded videos on the media player or listen to mp3's, I might have jumped at this.