Arkham Knight’s Batmobile could break Batman’s no-guns rule

So much for the fantasy of "being Batman." Arkham Knight's Batmobile is armed with excessively powerful firearms, which can potentially break Batman's no-guns rule.

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AceBlazer132499d ago

Batman used guns before he just takes the lethality away from them. We'll just see how Rocksteady spins is.

ab5olut10n2499d ago

The Nolan-verse batmobile and batpod and even the Bat all had guns/rockets/projectile weapons.

SaintAlpha1012498d ago

To be fair, the weapons could be just non-lethal projectiles for when he's firing at crooks and military grade ammunition when blasting vehicles.
I'd imagine Batman would take that into consideration and probably incorporate his electric charge gun into the weaponry, or even smoke projectiles.

wallis2498d ago

Oh great, E3. Time for rumours that have little no basis to come flooding in with click-baiting headlines that provide no context what so ever.

Case in point - who the fuck knows and who cares? We'll play the game when it comes out and if it's suddenly turned into Gears of War, yeah that would really blow. But I doubt that's gonna happen; until then I wouldn't consider the batmobile having firearms as batman breaking his golden rule and until then it'd be best to keep your sources as reliable as possible. One preview and a terrible analysis of a trailer aren't proof of squat, and when you point fingers with only the littlest of evidence and try claiming something as stupid as this you just seem... well really it's just a little cheap.

Cheap journalism. Like taking photos of Lindsay Lohan cheap.