New Playstation 4 gaming headsets revealed by Turtle Beach for E3 2014

XMNR: The Playstation 4 is getting a new line of gaming headsets from Turtle Beach. The company unveiled three new headsets for the console at E3 2014 ranging from the low-end of $60 to cover the basics needed and going all the way to $300 to provide features that promise a “new standard for premium wireless gaming headsets.”

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AceBlazer132505d ago

Cool, nice to have those low end prices a lot of us don't really care for the extra bells and whistles on the higher end headsets, at least not enough to pay for it XD.

hotbeef2505d ago

Kinda hoping they release a DSS3 with DTS:X

UltraNova2505d ago

The Turtle beach Ear Force Stealth 400 at $99 or the Sony PlayStation headset 2.0?

Which do you guys think will be best in terms of ps4 integration and surround sound quality?

akurtz2505d ago

Answer this mans question! Im curious too :(

Omegasyde2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

I played with a turtle beach that was 179 (can't remember model number) and a cheap $99 pelican.

When it comes to headsets, you pay for what you get. If you go cheap, you will be happy UNTIL, you step on the cord going to your ear piece and then RAGE.

Wireless is the way to go (in my opinion NOT FACT), and spending the extra cash for it might be worth the investment.

For competitive online shooters, headsets are recommended due to being able to listen to "footsteps" or triangulate gunfire.

To answer your question, I would go with the Turtlebeach.

The PS4 headset can be folded to be more compact, but you can actually sync your phone with the Turtle Beach headset. The turtlebeach headset however doesn't mention that it supports Dolby 7.1, where the Sony Gold set does. I think only the 100$+ Turlebeach headsets support 7.1


Volkama2505d ago

This headset likely wont support Dolby 7.1. Previous TB headsets (and Astros) use sp/dif and Dolby Digital for surround, that can only support 5.1 channels.

This blurb talks about DTS:X 7.1, which is another codec that works with sp/dif. Without looking into it, I think it doesn't carry the separeate channels discretely but rather just outputs a 2.1 signal with 7.1 virtualised channels.

It's worth noting that it's a 2.1 headset, the final surround effect is virtualised either way.

With Dolby the PS4 would output 5.1, Dolby Digital Live compresses it into a 2.1 PCM signal with matrixing so that the TB receiver can turn it back into 5.1 discrete channels, only to virtualise it back for the 2.1 headset.

With DTS:X the PS4 outputs 7.1 channels, the codec turns it into a 2.1 channel signal with virtualised 7.1 sound, the headset plays it as is.

Which sounds better? I don't know. Doubt I'd be able to tell the difference to be honest.

UltraNova2505d ago

From what I m reading here and there even the 400s wont cut it.

So I guess I should go up to from $150-200 just to be sure the sound quality and the surround are worth it...

Its shame the official solution is mediocre, I sure like sound quality over anything else.

Thanks guys.

USMC_POLICE2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

I had a $200 pair of tritons and turtle beaches. Now I have the pulse elites and I don't regret it one bit. The different sound modes and the clarity. Wish I would of had them before I wasted money on the others...also they work on PC ps3 ps4 Ps vita and iPod/tv. I'm not sure about the golds they seam cheep to me. And the pulse elites go on sale for $99 at best buy often

Fullbucket2505d ago

I'm glad they've finally changed how they look. These look a ton better.

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