E3 to Put Spotlight on Xbox vs. PlayStation

But in November—when Microsoft Corp. MSFT released its new Xbox One console and Sony Corp. , its PlayStation 4—he made a switch. In his mind, Microsoft's $499 console, which came with a motion and voice-sensing accessory called Kinect, didn't compare well with Sony's $399 system without an equivalent featur

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xX1NORM1Xx2506d ago

Unfortunately the console wars continue, why people can't just be happy having the system instead of feeling the need to brag online that it's better than the other two big systems is beyond me but I guess I'm no longer 12.

GutZ312506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

The media feeds off of the people that feel strongly one way or another in any medium.
Look at Fox News vs ABC News, totally different outlooks for the same stories run.
If you want people to notice your site, use controversy to bring them in.

I don't like it, but its whats been happening since the dawn of language.

2506d ago
LackTrue4K2506d ago

im going to sleep right now, that way i feel like i have lets hours to wait for E3!!!


Slick812506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

It's like Christmas can't for the xboxone reveal

MasterCornholio2506d ago

I need one if those devices from clockwork orange that keep yours eyes open because im going to be up all night watching E3.