Pre-E3 Rumor: The Last Guardian Set for PS4, New Team at the Helm

According to an anonymous insider, Guardian isn't canceled at all and in fact, a new team might be leading the project, now set for PS4.

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MrSwankSinatra2510d ago

Can we stop with these damn rumors from these stupid insiders? E3 is tomorrow we will find out all then.

aceitman2510d ago

hhhhmmmm so can the rumor about TLG ps3 being canceled be true, sony didn't specify that the TLG ON PS3 IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT. but SAID TLG is still in development , maybe its for the ps4 , they no it can be a potential system seller.

camel_toad2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I suspect and sure hope its just an incorrect rumor because I wouldn't want any other team doing it. Team ICO's games are so unique no one else would do TLG justice.

morganfell2509d ago

It isn't just an insider. The new Head of SCEA says it is in full swing.

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adonis1832510d ago

What time is SONY's E3 conference ?? I'm so effing excited !!

Sitdown2510d ago

I'm just ready to see what kind of gifts we will be getting. Hoping they go full Oprah Mode.

Omegasyde2509d ago


LMAO... have a bubble!

AngelicIceDiamond2510d ago

@Sinatra Exactly the damn thing is tomorrow so these "insiders need to chill already.

showtimefolks2510d ago

it was confirmed by Yushida that TLG was still in development, it was never announced by sony that it was cancelled so that was all ign.

sony santa monica along with other 1st party studios sent help to finish the game and that was in 2012.

here is the link, Yushida confirms that sony are sending their best people top help with the game and that original game director will still finish this game. So now we are in June 2014, so i am sure the rumored leak of sony's press conference which state that TLG will be at e3 and will more than likely come out fall 2014

here is that link too

things are all adding up to not only game showing up at E3 but also coming out a lot sooner than people expect. February 2012 sony sent more people to help with the game and possibly move it to a ps4 title and now june 2014. We are due for some sort of news

ZodTheRipper2509d ago

Fall 2014 is too good to be true... but we'll see in about 16 hours :D

HappyWithOneBubble2509d ago

I know right E3 tomorrow but you know these random sites gotta get them quick hits from E3 hype. I'm not clicking on they sites.

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sinncross2510d ago

I am over these cancellations rumours...

Look, if the game was cancelled, Sony would come out and say so.

They did so with 8 Days, Getaway, Warriors Lair.

i am sure the game us coming but troubled development on PS3 was followed by the move to PS4 so its just been increasing the overall length of development.

Majin-vegeta2510d ago

Lol its not cancelled.It;s on the front page.Where scott Rhode confirms its existance.

AceBlazer132510d ago

Let's get this pending section to 0 to make way for the E3 fuster cluck.

Only a couple more hours, so hyped.

rajman2510d ago

Isnt the first E3 conference like 12 hours away?

Double_O_Revan2510d ago

12 hours and counting!!!

Bring on the games!!

ZodTheRipper2509d ago

Great to have confirmation from different sources, now I'm hyped as ever for the press conference =)

gamerfan09092510d ago

No Team Ico,no buy for me. The entire reason I was hyped for the game was because of that team handling it. This rumor is more than likely bullshit and we'll know the truth tomorrow night. Scott and Yoshida san better deliver. No more saying the game is in development, no more saying the game isn't cancelled, no more saying the game is reworked for PS4. Either show people a 10 minute minimum demo and give people an release date, or shut up and simply say the game is cancelled and have the Team Ico guys work on another IP. 8 years for a video game is far far too long. Either shit or get off the pot.

showtimefolks2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

people read my above comment, team ico is still doing the project but sony sent in help from world wide studios. That was back in February 2012. Now we are due for some sort of news


no doubt but i think The Last Guardian was trying to achieve something that wasn't possibly on ps3. First of all let's be honest ps3 was a pain in the A** to develop for. I feel like the real development of this game started on ps4 in very late 2011 to very early 2012. Now we are in 2014 and hopefully sony will be able to show this game to us

enough talking this is the year TLG must be shown

gamerfan09092510d ago

Like I said, the rumor is more than likely bullshit. But, like I also said, if the game is been in development this long Sony has to do better than telling people it's in full production. They've been saying that the last 6 years.

Elda2510d ago

Sony announced the game in 2009 so that's 5 years.

gamerfan09092510d ago

Team Ico and Sony have stated the game has been in development since 2007. That's 7 years and we're half way through this year. Do the math.

jmac532509d ago

I wonder if this means Team Ico is already on to their next IP.

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