E3 2014: Most Anticipated Sony Announcements

"E3 2014 is nearly underway and expectations are high as Sony needs to prove that the PlayStation 4 will keep current and future buyers entertained for the foreseeable future, or at for another year or so. Sony has benefited from higher sales number than its competition, but that doesn’t mean they can start slacking off. With Xbox One matching the PS4′s price point starting June 9th and exciting new IPs (ex: Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive) on the way, the PlayStation 4 needs to flex its muscles at this year’s E3. So, here is what we are expecting/hoping to see PlayStation show off."


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PurpatraitorMGS2503d ago

Give me Syphon Filter or Crash.

XiNarutoUzumaki2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Stop begging for old IPs

Fireseed2503d ago

The only thing that prevents me from believing that you're another account by XiSasukeUchiha and just talking to yourself is your somewhat functional understanding of the English language.

OT: Why not? He want's it. So why shouldn't he ask for it? Plenty of great old IP's a well overdue for a resurgence.

Prime1572503d ago

I know we are in the minority... I agree with you, bring new IP.

Think about it. The indie push that it's going on right now is new IP. That's why people buy Indies: they're usually new(ish).

Everyone gets upset at remastered games, but they love annualized and throw-backs? I feel like that's paradoxical.

oODEADPOOLOo2503d ago

Stop denying the awesomeness that is crash ya douche!

showtimefolks2503d ago

old IP's seriously that is why we are seeing sequels for games again and again because fans want them. People have been asking for a new Syphon filter for a while now, you don't want it move along because i am sure you will find other IP's to play


please stop this crap, its gamers like you who want new IP's yet run to the stores to buy sequels every fall while those new IP's are sitting on the shelf. People play what they are comfortable with

now a days so many people just say we want new IP's to look cool. Many of these same people buy same sequels every year

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XiSasukeUchiha2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )


BTW where's XiSakuraHaruno? and xIKakashiHatake and XiMinatoNamikaze?


We are totally different people N4G!

OT: Naruto some deserved a remake:)

XiNarutoUzumaki2503d ago

I dunno what happened to XiSakura. Her last comments were reported as spam maybe because people here think we are all the same person...

Delsin_Rowe2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

XiMinatoNamikaze is banned from N4G.

showtimefolks2503d ago

The last of us release date

GTA5 on next gen(possibly a new RDR or port of RDR for next gen)

Buy back Crash

Uncharted on stage

The last Guardian

Project beast

JBSleek2503d ago

If I can see gameplay of Uncharted 4 I may just faint.

MrSec842503d ago

I wouldn't be shocked if we do, I don't see why it can't be a 2014 release.
It's been in development for over 3 years, it's probably at least in Alpha by now.

maniacmayhem2503d ago

A new God of War would be boss, and the official reveal of Project Beast for what it truly is going to be just as awesome.

As for Agent, it would be nice to see it but at this point I am not getting my hopes up for anything for this title. The same for Last Guardian as my interest for it as fallen off.

Double_O_Revan2503d ago

Every year people talk about Agent like it was this huge thing. I've been watching E3 live for years, but I felt bad that I remember the announcement, but couldn't remember it's reveal and why it made such an impact.

And after searching I realized, that I wasn't wrong, there was No reveal! Nothing was shown, no trailer, I can't even find screen shots. So what was it, besides being a R* game that made this game so important?!

GamingTruth2503d ago

twisted metal for ps4, and revival of the xtreme games series that would be a win for me

GamingSinceThe80s2503d ago

TM for PS3 is a very underrated gem.But I don't think it sold well enough that we will see new one anytime soon.I wish they would give TM PS3 away on plus to get some interest going for it again. But the servers are bad so maybe they couldn't hold up to the heavy traffic it would bring.As it stands it's hard to find enough people to play online and it still crashes a lot when you do.

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