Dream Microsoft Wishlist For E3 2014

"Over the past week, we’ve brought you some of our dream wishlists for Nintendo and Sony at E3 2014 this coming week, so by process of elimination, that means we only have one company of the big three left, Microsoft. Joining the next generation of gaming last November with the Xbox One, Microsoft has two consoles on the market, but unlike both Nintendo and Sony, they are exclusively in the console game with no handheld in the mix. Microsoft obviously deals in computers and such as well, but for this list we are focusing exclusively on the Xbox One and Xbox 360."


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n4rc2498d ago

I want true next gen games.. Continue to develop stuff for last gen by all means.. But we deserve dedicated development

Also.. Waiting on dnla support and true USB headsets (no adaptor, wireless 5.1 etc) but I guess they don't need e3 to announce those

user14394142498d ago

I hope a lot of the E3 conference is showing the new 45 apps they have been working so hard on since the release of the XBOX ONE back in November of last year. XoXoXoXo

4Sh0w2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

OK, so here's my ultimate wishlist just minutes from midnight and just over 9+ hrs until micros presentation.

I'd love for that Master Chief collection rumor to be true but I think micro already said that was wishful thinking, I also no Quantum Break is off the table for E3.

Sooooooo, Just give me at least some Halo5 gameplay, Gears4 trailer, Ryse 2 announcement, a good Kinect game, Crackdown announcement, show me some cool Project Spark stuff, 2 new IP announcements/trailers would be great or substitute 1 with possible hint at Alan Wake2, then show alot more Sunset Overdrive gameplay, some Fable Legends gameplay, Forza Horizon2 gameplay of course and please, please at least give me an HD remake of Halo2 for X1, and that's pretty much nothing else I can think to ask for. This stuff would make me the happiest person on Earth tommorrow.

otherZinc2498d ago

Kameo 2
Perfect Dark 2
Forza Horizon 2
Fable Legend
Kinectimals With Bears 2 (for my daughter)
*Brute Force 2*

choujij2498d ago

Brute Force 2? No thank you.

JBSleek2498d ago

I think Xbox Cloud will be announced. A streaming service for Xbox and 360 games that will stream old games to your Xbox One and will be included with Xbox Live.

Bigpappy2498d ago

That is all the good stuff, but will those games be free, and will I be able to play all of my old arcade games?

JBSleek2498d ago

Nothing's free. It will be included with Xbox Live so no technically it's $60 a year. You will be able to play your arcade games if they are on the service, if not then no.

This isn't Backwards Compatibility.

OpieWinston2498d ago

Yeah JBSleek is right, nothing is free. They'd put it behind the paywall and chances are it'd act as Microsofts emulator service.

I would love that, but I doubt we'd see the emulator until next year or two, because we expect to see the Master Chief collection for X1.

Bigpappy2498d ago

If access to all games are included and no extra cost above playing for Gold, that would be amazing. It is just difficult to see why they would not try to make some extra money off so such a service. Definitely would not complain though.

christocolus2498d ago

I hear one of the big announcements will be backward compatibility. I hope this is true.

maniacmayhem2498d ago

Pretty good list, I was never a Banjo fan so I would rather see Rare bring back Perfect Dark or a Conker platformer rather than Banjo.

Battletoads is a must, an HD remake I would be happy for but disappointed as I would want a full fledged new arcade style beat-em up for the triumphant return of the Toads.

Eldyraen2498d ago

I really want to see something from Rare... that isn't Kinect Sports related.

I'd rather they went with a Conker as well but wouldn't say no to a new Banjo game (keep it old school--not Nuts and Bolts 2). Conker nowadays could be pretty insane ;)

I'd love a new Kameo as well or even another Viva Pinata. VP needs a bigger world and better tools to sculpt the environment though--perhaps different biospheres you can choose from would help. The Pinatas in the game were pretty basic creatures but the cartoon were more like, well cartoon characters, so could go either route where you are still just the gardener or instead make it into a more true to form sim game (you create the garden but the pinatas are no longer just 'mindless animals' in a sense and do more in their little world).

Perfect Dark imo has life still in it but needs a reboot that it deserves. The idea behind it is still great but I'd like it to go either TPS all the way or have Rare play Deux Ex over and over for inspiration (maybe a little Splinter Cell as well--I don't want it to go stealth really but just have different ways to approach things and have plenty of devices to play around with).

Battletoads would be great even if they just made it into a XBLA game. Some games just don't need to go huge budget or even hit retail but if they went that route I'd like to see remastered versions of the old games on top of something completely new.

OpieWinston2498d ago

I would love to see more Ryse games in different timelines.

Just don't expect anything from it at E3 this year.

christocolus2498d ago

But I'm hoping to see ryse 2 announced at e3. I really want to play a sequel.

LAWSON722498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I want no resources wasted on such a turd

4Sh0w2498d ago

Just announcing Ryse 2 would be awesome. It's 1 of my favorite games this gen.

Slick812498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

How bout those ar glasses microsoft?bust them out allready

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