The Last Guardian: An Apology

Steve Butts : Last night, I made a call to post a story about the cancellation of The Last Guardian. The source for this information was, in my opinion as IGN’s Editor in Chief, credible enough to justify running the story. While there is still a discrepancy with what our source has said, Scott Rohde’s Twitter post makes it clear that our original source was in error. The business of handling news sources involves some assumption of risk and last night my evaluation of that risk was clearly in error.

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XiNarutoUzumaki2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Good. Apology accepted!

*Nine Tails mode off

Why o why2500d ago

Steve Butts found out the sony insider was in fact n4g member georgeenoob.

XStation2500d ago

LMFAO! georgeenoob is the biggest xbox fanboy i have ever witnessed on this website.

user14394142500d ago

I knew all along that IGN was trying to troll us all. XoXoXo I have never trusted IGN sources. XoXoXo

InTheLab2500d ago

If this were Polygon they'd bury it or blame the readers or some s$&&

Ausbo2500d ago

Hahaha. Now thats funny

Omegasyde2500d ago

I think truefan1 beats georgenoob.

Both are so delusional, that even power of green can't cold a candle to them.

georgeenoob2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Yet I'm playing TLOU right now as we speak and am loving every second of it. (PSN georgeenoob).

Nice personal attack by the way, and you get a bubble? Now that's funny.

ITPython2500d ago

Nice try georgeenoob, I bet you just went over to a friends house (or family members house) who had a PS3 and made an account, then stuck in TLOU to make it seem like you actually have a PS3. We all know the lengths you go to troll here, so it wouldn't be surprising in the least.

OT: I have a feeling that IGN did this to force Sony to come out and say whether or not the game was cancelled (and possibly take some surprise away if they were going to reveal this at E3).

johndoe112112500d ago

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one of the funniest comments I've ever seen LOLOLOLOLOL. Here you go sir, the crown is yours.

showtimefolks2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )


been on n4g for a very very long time so i have seen many members of XBDF(xboxbox defense force but georgeenoob is the CEO)

its just a troll account with one bubble and that person more than likely has more than few accounts.

also to IGN apologies after causing a stir doesn't change the fact it shouldn't have happened a day before E3. Maybe someone is paying IGN for bringing some negativity towards sony right before their E3 conference

either way TLG will be show at E3 to shut up all the critics and haters

The last of us
The Last Guardian
NBA 2k15
Drive Club
Project Beast
Uncharted 4

these games will be making an appearance at sony's e3 conference. I am sure we will see some huge surprises too besides these games

justy1122500d ago

that's one of the funniest things i have ever read in the comment section, bubble up kind sir.

Phoenix762500d ago

While even I find that the joke about georgeenoob funny, I will give the boy some credit (for once), he does now actually own a PS3!!! I have checked his PSN acc.
But still.... very funny lol



Then you obviously had not been here long enough to remember the Mart, Power Of Green, Bladestar, etc... Xbox fanboys (actually, ALL fanboys) now a days are really tame compared to what we had here in 2007. It was so bad the moderators had to come up with the "Open Zone" because people kept getting "banned" from commenting on pages here...

MasterCornholio2500d ago

I'm not surprised that geroge is spreading false information on the PS4 by claiming to be an insider. He should be punished. Make him run the gauntlet naked.


Just kidding but what IGN did was just pathetic.

UltraNova2500d ago

When editorial staff of the 'leader' of the gaming 'press' makes knee jerk moves like this cause they see hits and then apologizes to us just to save face I say let them feel the heat, they deserve it.

As leaders they should define what neutrality and integrity means, not act like fanboys.

If on the other hand IGN was some 2-bit, 10 hit a day insignificant blog, then I would accept their apologies and even bookmark their site as a sign of the careful treading I would then expect from them.

...which IGN is not.

Inexcusable IGN.

nix2500d ago


i miss Open Zone.

but thank god, those days of "sony is doomed and gloomed" days are over. now all those xbox fanboys are tasting their own medicine. a bitter pill, at that.

morganfell2500d ago

Here mr butt

He should resign.

They contacted Sony for comment about their source...(*cough* worldsfactory...*cough*)... and when Sony did not a few hours...on the weekend...on the eve of E3...they ran an irresponsible story and twitter remark. They damaged a company, possibly financially because of a rush to get a story they didn't bother to verify. This is why for years I have been ranting over the lack of skill, concern, and integrity in these rabid attempts at game journalism.

tamulmol2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

@ why o why. because of your comment i got curious about this georgeenoob and saw everything. damn funny! hahaha

johndoe112112500d ago


Honestly, I wouldn't doubt that he actually has a ps3. Not because he has one means he bought it. He could have gotten it from a friend or family or something. Now, if he said he bought a ps4 on the other hand........

medman2500d ago

@why o why

Visiblemarc2500d ago

LMAO dude. Bubbles, for sure.

El_Assenso2500d ago

Best comment ever! Hahaha!

JoGam2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )


Listen, Georgeenoob is by far my favorite troll. Best ever. Love you Georgeenoob! In Fact I hope he's really on PSN, I'm going to send him a friends invite. "In Phil Spencer We Trust" LMAO. Funniest comment he made.

pixelsword2500d ago

Ok; when Hip Hop gamer did something similar to this, he got banned; so can IGN get banned now?

morganfell2499d ago

"If this were Polygon they'd bury it or blame the readers or some s$&&"

He actually tries to do that in the writeup. He tries to shift some of the blame to his sources. Mr Butts was the Captain of the SS IGN when it hit the iceberg and he is trying to blame the two Russians that were shoveling coal down in the boiler room.

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miyamoto2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )


Date Bayo!

The Power of Forgiveness is one of the greatest powers of all time!
But it only works when an apology is made before it.
Props to IGN.

Look at Nintendo's Mr. Iwata he always apologizes & says "please understand". Which is the best move a gaming company can make. That is a million times better than that other big company who digs it self into a deeper & deeper grave by lies upon lies, damage control, and not admitting nor correcting their anti-consumer anti-gamer agenda. Its only gonna get worse and worse for them.

XiSasukeUchiha2500d ago

Good Apology from everyone

*Rinnesharingan deactivated

KinjoTakemura2500d ago

Nabari No Ou is the "adult" version of Naruto. Shed the kiddie stuff and step up to some ultraviolence.

BTW IGN news sux!

iamnsuperman2500d ago

I admit it's a good apology but we all know where he got the information from and he should really admit it. It was those two journalists who tweeted about it. Also what was he thinking when he wrote "officially". Amateurish

Tetsujin2500d ago

The guy can apologize and kiss up all he wants, fact is poor journalism and ignorance is the key here. Now when (if) the author decides to report more stores readers will now have to decide if he's still credible after this situation. If I had it my way I'd put the author on some type of probation then perma banned if it ever happened again.

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threefootwang2500d ago

Props to IGN for admitting the mistake and flat out apologizing. Mistakes happen!

Ausbo2500d ago

What if after all this, the game ends up getting cancelled anyway?

threefootwang2500d ago

Then it'd fall on Sony in that case. They clarified it for IGN so if it cancels now thats on their part.

BX812500d ago

If it did I really wouldn't care at this point. It's been too damn long for me to really care. Now when it does release I'll pick it up but I don't have that same excitement I did when I first saw it.

Bruce_Wayne2500d ago

What still bothers me is that this moron of a journalist updated the story after the tweet and said that Rohde had said it was not cancelled. But, Butts made a reference to when Tretton said that TLG was on hiatus and Shu came out and confirmed it was not. This "trick" by Steve was a total b**ch move imo because he tried to imply that Rohde could be wrong, in order to sugarcoat the stupid article that Butts posted that literally confirmed TLG had been indeed cancelled. He did not even mention it as a rumor.

SavageKuma2500d ago

Hey it happens, at least you owned up too it.

silkrevolver2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

It's good that they apologized, and it's even better that the editor and chief who wrote and posted the rumor owned up to his mistakes, and promises to rectify his practices in the future.

Still, though - stirring up Naught Dog rumors, and then this?

IGN is toeing a thin line between journalism-lite and TMZ.

astar1234567892500d ago

Sorry I click on the wrong one.. I did bubble up for that mistake

silkrevolver2500d ago

^ I love the timeliness of your apology.

Bubble up for you as well! BUBBLES ALL AROUND!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2500d ago

I need a source to confirm this. Otherwise IGN will officially cancel your apology.

nix2500d ago

did you double and triple check?

rainslacker2500d ago

The entirety of the gaming press could use a good lesson on source verification. It's a pretty big cornerstone of journalism.

All these sites over the years have done is make the inside source a joke, and hard to trust anything that comes from it. It causes unneeded discussion, and stupid flame wars in the name of console preference.

XiNarutoUzumaki2500d ago

In Russia, you don't cancel games.

Games cancel you!

Protagonist2500d ago

Heh... for once that "joke" was actually on point...funny bubble 4 U.

Talidan2500d ago

Saw that in the comments on IGN. Was quite humorous there, but a blatant rip is not as funny.

XiNarutoUzumaki2500d ago

That was me my friend. I'm on IGN too as DominicansDon'tPlay