Mass Effect 4 Isn't Called Mass Effect: Origins

BioWare hasn't announced the official title for Mass Effect 4 yet. However, they were quick to shoot down another rumored name for the game.

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crxss2125d ago

good. nobody wants a prequel bioware

BlakHavoc2125d ago

Origin doesn't necessarily mean prequel! Why does nobody understand this?...

crxss2125d ago

lmao define "origin" please

BlakHavoc2125d ago

@crxss it means beginning, birth, emergence, Genesis. So basically it could have meant birth of a new civilization after the events of ME3. Anything else you need to be educated on?

crxss2125d ago

Mass Effect 4: Beginning (not a prequel) hahaha stop making me laugh so hard.

ravinash2125d ago

It could mean a new beginning after the events on ME3.
It could also mean a new threat from the past, maybe pre reapers.

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MegaRay2125d ago

So I guess its "Mass Effect: Legends" then...

LAWSON722125d ago

Good lets keep Origins out of game names

ravinash2125d ago

If they have alredy used Origins in their dragon age game, it sounds a bit odd to use the same name in a different IP.

kreate2125d ago

wouldn't mass effect 4 just be called mass effect 4?

Naga2125d ago

That would imply a direct sequel, which it all but certainly is not.

mr-phillips2125d ago

Mass effect 4, The Division and Halo 5 nothing else matters

LAWSON722125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

These games dont matter?

Witcher 3
Dragon Age Inquisition
And these are just the big multiplats that are annualized

You know games that are not a year+ away lol.

mr-phillips2125d ago

Never really got into any of the sequels you mentioned. Need more on Destiny and Evolve to be invested, what I mentioned are what I'm most anticipating.

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