Xbox One Weekly Deals: Forza 5/Kinect Sports/Dead Rising 3/Ryse $40, BF4 $30, COD Ghosts $25 & more

Xbox One deals and sales at Microsoft Store, Walmart, Amazon, Sam's Club, NewEgg, Target, Meijer, Best Buy, Groupon & eBay.

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edgarohickman2500d ago

Guess I am going to get Forza for $25 at Target.

edgarohickman2499d ago

Target has $15 off any game if you preorder a game for $1.
Price match at Target, Preorder a game and get the $15 off.

Tom872500d ago

Almost all games on sale.

thund3rguy2499d ago

I guess it won't be on sale for long time.

Apollo12499d ago

Check Target $15 off deal.

jacobvogel2500d ago

A lot of deals and sales on all games before E3 including different systems.

timothyckeegan2500d ago

Xbox One Kinectless for $399.99
I don't think this is a great deal.
I got Xbox One + Kinect + TitanFall + Forza 5 code for $449.99.

andrewsimons2500d ago

I agree, Walmart have the same bundle for $499.99 btw.

lebr0n2500d ago

Why anyone would be upset about a cheaper option?
Lowering the price to $400 makes it easier to get friends/family to buy one!

liamn2499d ago

While this will likely help sell consoles, I think it's a mistake. The Kinect will never be fully utilized now.

PS4isTHEkneesOFbees2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I got a new XB1 + TitanFall + 12 Months Gold for $479 shipped (International shopping from Canadian retailer) through ebay. Great deal.

dannygamer2500d ago

It's nice that people will now be able to get an Xbox cheaper, but cheaper = less functionality.

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