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andrewsimons2508d ago

I'm afraid I've got some bad news, but Vita is dying.

edgarohickman2508d ago

Been a long time since I used my Vita. Been busy lately with PS4.

thund3rguy2508d ago

Wait till E3 is over, also there are plenty of good games coming out in the next few months.

dannygamer2508d ago

I have PS4, and still confused whether I should get Vita for remote play or not.

Delsin_Rowe2508d ago

I am afraid to tell you, that you lying to yourself. Vita is still selling; Japan it outsold the PS3 and PS4 and in North America is selling good because of PS4 since Remote Play.

Protagonist2508d ago


Congrats on the feeble-minded statement.

dieger2508d ago

Sad but true was hoping Borderlands 2 would revive it but its broken and buggy as hell. cmon sony give us some first party games please!

Inception2508d ago

Vita is dying? Really? Because right now i'm afraid my wallet IS dying with tons of vita games that i need to buy on this year:

Freedom Wars
Gravity Rush 2
Over My Dead Body
Dangan Ronpa 2
Tales of Hearts R
Akiba's Trip
Senran Kagura Burst
Don't Starve: Giant Edition
Murasaki Baby
One Piece: Unlimited World
Legend of Heroes: TitS 2nd Chapter
Hotaru no Nikki

If you have some money that you don't use than please give it to me.

andibandit2508d ago

I guess if youre into Japanese games and indie games, that list is interesting.

Inception2508d ago


If you want more games from western devs than you shouldn't buy / play handheld. Because the history shows that japanese devs always dominated handheld and western devs always focused more on console or PC's.

Example like my 3DS. There's not a single game from western devs in my 3DS memory stick. All games are from japanese devs. Bravely Default, Ace Attorney, Mario, Fire Emblem, etc.

TheFirstClassic2508d ago

Aside from gravity rush, tales, and possibly freedom wars, those are some mediocre choices. The Vita needs more big console style games that arent ports.

Inception2508d ago


Mediocre? Lol, i'll bet you even never play Legend of Heroes or Dangan Ronpa. And i pick those game over "big style game" like CoD or AssCreed who only a reskin from their previous game.

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TheLastGuardian2508d ago

We're all dying. This article isn't even negative yet here you morons are claiming doom for the Vita. It still has tons of games coming so it's still alive and well to me. The Vita is easily the best system of this gen so far imo, so I think it's ridiculous how much negativity is thrown at the Vita on a daily basis, but I'm used to it by now.

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Tom872508d ago

Sweet Deals. Thanks OP.

timothyckeegan2508d ago

Got MLB 14: The Show, thanks

lebr0n2508d ago

Vita needs games, I mean look at 3DS guys. Vita's tech and design is better than 3DS...but the 3DS has some of the best first party Nintendo stuff they've ever done.

Protagonist2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )


Vita got games, seems you just ignorant and no! not everyone thinks mario/zelda/pokemon is amazing.

dieger2508d ago

most of the vita games including first party have been good to average at best. only great game i can think of is Killzone Mercenary. meanwhile the 3DS has got a CRAP load of 1st party support from Nintendo recently.

Inception2508d ago


"only great game i can think of is Killzone Mercenary"

Than you need to play more like Soul Sacrifice, Gravity Rush, Tearaway, Dead Nation, Freedom Wars, Over My Dead Body, etc.

Inception2508d ago


I had a red 3DS and vita and right now my vita got more used than my 3DS.

After finished with Bravely Default, i've only wait for Bravely Second and Persona Q for 3DS. Beside that, there's nothing on the horizon that looks appeal to me. Maybe Phoenix Wright Trilogy, but where's my new 2D Metroid? new Fire Emblem?

andibandit2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Vita needs the "right" games, appealing to westeners.

Protagonist2508d ago

See that holds some truth...

Another truth though, is that westernes has always been wanting more jrpg´s and the PS Vita got them now by the bundles for the west.

We need a good balance.

TheLastGuardian2508d ago

Nah, Vita and 3DS both have awesome libraries. It's the home conoles that could use more games.

It's funny how people who don't own a Vita say it needs more games, but Vita owners like me just want more hours in the day so I can get through my enormous backlog.

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liamn2508d ago

Picked up Borderlands 2 for $17.99 at Target with the $1 preorder deal

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