Dear Sony: You're No. 1 but Microsoft is coming for you. Let's talk about E3

Sony, you’re in a good place. You’re the best-selling next-generation console, your hardware is more powerful than the competition while being less expensive, and your actions have all but completely dismantled Microsoft’s strategies for the Xbox One.

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DanzoSAMA2504d ago

I think Microsoft will eat Sony tomorrow.

Angels37852504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Get ready to be thoroughly disappointed...

Sony doesn't have the most first party studios and a track record of great long lasting support for exclusive games for nothing....

Not a SINGLE heavy hitter studio for Sony has revealed anything. Wanna just ignore that they're a sleeping giant at the moment?

But considering who you could reveal 20 games the most in E3 history and you'd hate every one if them and say that Microsoft won.

Eonjay2504d ago

More than likely they will both have a good show. But I highly doubt that either will have anything that can dismantle the other.

MrSec842504d ago

I assume you meant to say "Sony DOES have the most first party studios"

Totally agree on that.
Yep the big hitters have been dead quiet at Sony really, well obviously Naughty Dog is bringing Uncharted, but they also have another new game in the works outside of TLOU Remastered.

SSM are rumored/teased to be at Sony's event.
PD have already said they've working on GT for PS4.
Sony Japan are a huge studio, the largest that Sony has, so they could have a couple of games.

All in all I'm more excited for Sony's conference, compared to Microsoft, because of their developers.

MS has a track record of giving too much stage time to Sport 3rd party, COD or Battlefield or just general 3rd party stuff you can buy anywhere else.
Kinect or feature stuff.

Sony tends to always be more focused on games, their past E3's always had more focus than Microsoft's.

Nintendo's directs should be interesting.

georgeenoob2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

They're talking E3, and almost all of Sony's first parties confirmed they won't make an appearance.

As one insider already states, temper your expectations or prepare to be disappointed. You choose.

MrSec842504d ago

@georgeenoob Only Media Moleecule & Guerrilla Games confirmed they won't be showing anything.

We know obviously Naughty Dog are showing Uncharted, Evolution will have stuff for Driveclub.
Ready at Dawn are 2nd party.

Sony's new studio Pixel Opus have stated they'll be unveiling a game.
One of Sony's online studios, that aren't 1st party have said they're showing or will have Fluster Cluck on display in some way.

So far 10 studios at Sony are an unknown, plus Sony could have 2nd party (maybe Quantic Dream) or 3rd party on stage unveiling new exclusive IPs.

Angels37852504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )


No I mean "doesn't" that's proper sentence structure

"Sony doesn't have the most first party studios and a track record of great long lasting support for exclusive games FOR NOTHING"

The "for nothing" at the end means that they have all of those for a purpose. From the saying "they don't have them for nothing" If I said "sony DOES have the most first party studios for nothing" it means their purpose is nothing.

If you say "sony doesn't have the most first party studios for nothing" it means they are not for nothing and therefore serve a purpose.

But you are right I am implying sony has more studios and big great ones at that.

AceBlazer132504d ago

Microsoft hasn't even caught Nintendo yet. Gotta count to 2 before you count to 3.

XBOTTOX2504d ago

While true Sony has a stable of First party studios, Sony also has a track record being a "wait-and-see" or a "one-up" you type of company.

Also Sony 1st party doesn't sell like any of the other AAA franchises out in the market including Microsofts.

Expect for sony to get thoroughly outgunned this week at E3. The Internet fanboys made sooo much noise and its literally going to come back in their faces ten fold.

930 A.M Tomorrow ant come fast enough, Very *excited here*

PeaSFor2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Dear Polygon: You're funded by Microsoft but keep it classy with your e3 "objective" articles. least try even if its really hard for you.

psyxon2504d ago

Some of you people have the reading comprehension of a 3rd grader. Goodness...

OT: I agree with Eonjay.

mediate-this2504d ago

What great track record are you talking about? And you act as if every fp game is good. Yeah sony supports their systems that good.

zeuanimals2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )


What great track record? I don't know, maybe the track record where they're the only console manufacturer that supports their consoles fully until the next-generation, and even then, they still support the consoles.

They released tons of big games every year. Hell, last year there were 20 PS3 exclusives alone and it was the year the PS3 was to be succeeded by the PS4. Possibly the best PS3 game ever was released last year too, The Last of Us. That's the great track record they have. I can't say the same for others.

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miyamoto2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )


Since the original Xbox to Xbox One Microsoft has proven that no amount of Bill-ion$ can stop the PlayStation brand nor Nintendo nor make their brand numero uno in each generation they compete. That is historical fact.
They may have Bill-ion$ more than Sony & Nintendo combined but they are worth nothing for gamers because they don't understand & know what they are doing in console gaming industry. M$ people think with their wallets more than their minds. They are more giddy with their corporate partners' & cronies' business than the interest of the average gamer.

Edit: Polygon, Eurogamer, Kotaku birds of the same feather.

I disagree Sony was busy developing their own technology- the Cell processor & Blu-ray. Yes they were very expensive tech at that time & jacked the PS3's price but their investment has paid out in the long run.

As the reigning champ, PlayStation had no choice but to face the Bill-ion dollar money monster head on! Unlike Nintendo who played it safe & smart not banging heads with M$ & found its way around the two.

This is why the PS4's victory is very sweet!
Because PlayStation was able to weather the onslaught and turned the PS3 around the right direction amid the heavy damage it sustained from M$ PR media assault.

But M$ has another force to contend with all the time this time around not just Sony or Ninty but the millions of Informed Gamers around the world who stays vigilant to dig up the truth and present them for all the people around the world to see.

The Informed Gamer accepts the truth & facts, corrects what is wrong, do something about it and go for the best stuff video gaming can offer.

M$ has to pass through us first this time around.

LongshotX2504d ago

If anything MS proved someone can challenge the Sony brand. MS stole customers, sold more consoles and millions more in term of software especially in the states. They arguably won last gen by early 2012 unless we want to say the end of 2013 was the end of last gen. I say the former but whatever.

Belasco2504d ago

I am very much informed and vehemently disagree with you.

choujij2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )


You MS fanboys love to ignore the fact that the Nintendo Wii won last gen. It easily sold more hardware and software, period. As well, MS and Sony's next gen systems didn't release until 2013, so they were still gunning it out till then. And too bad for MS, they finished last gen in 3rd place.

aceitman2504d ago

@longshot, the only reason ms has had players switch is because the came out a whole year before sony, as u see with the ps4 ms would not have stood a chance against sony launching the same time. ( this gen is proof) and as far as the end to last gen it ended when this gen started .so it was wii >ps3>360.

Belasco2504d ago

The article's title is misleading, it goes on to talk about Sony in a positive light, you may want to read sometime before making yourself look foolish. Oh look, lots of agrees from other numb skulls that didn't read it. Polygon!Derp!Microsoft moneyhat shills derp!Must post SDF rant derp!

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Jughead34162504d ago

I hope Microsoft kills it tomorrow. I want a reason to get an XBOX. I will always buy multiplats on my PS4, so the only reason to get an XBOX will be the exclusives. I need to see some great looking exclusives for me to justify dropping $400 on an XBOX. GO MICROSOFT!!! I already know Sony's exclusives will be awesome. Can't wait to see what they have tomorrow.

mkis0072504d ago

I think it is a safe bet that MS will have more to show, they know what position they are in. I too have yet to see anything in action that made me need to buy an xbox 1 to play. I mean I would have bought sunset overdrive just because it was made by insomniac, but it wont sell a new system to me. Hopefully MS will reveal some games that can compete with Sony for GOTY(universal acclaim GOTY).

It would be very surprising to me if Sony comes out on top this time. But anything is possible for how silent they have been.

I don't believe for a second that Sony wont put up a good fight. They proved last year they finally understand they need to have "cheer" moments.

Lastly, my random guess is that MS will announce emulation for X1.

beerzombie2504d ago

you do not need one just buy or not. You either like their games and want to play with X1 games or ps gamers.

kreate2503d ago

ill decide for u.
u should buy a xbox. end.

LAWSON722504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I am not one to get into the fanboy wars but my goodness if MS crushes Sony (something I am greatly predicting to happen) happens I will laugh so hard and say thank you Sony for beating them so far and making them have to step their game up. I think every year the opposite fighter should win because they should strive to be better than their opponent, at least draw lol

Jughead34162504d ago

I think the whole Microsoft vs Sony E3 will come down to exclusives (not times exclusives). The whole gaming industry knows that Sony rules in this aspect so far. If Microsoft can bring out some great looking exclusives, they have a chance of winning E3. If not, I don't think a cheaper XBOX, and better services are enough.

ger23962504d ago

Didn't Microsoft supposedly win e3 last year? How'd that turn out as far as sales? Not so well, it won't be any different this year.

beerzombie2504d ago

No one will ever say that Ms won, the media and Sony fans will always say that their PlayStation 4 won.

Nes_Daze2504d ago

I think they will have an awesome show, but eat Sony, no.

aceitman2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

how will ms eat sony when sony is picking a xbone steak from its teeth already. for one ms will not catch sony , sony will not let there lead slip away, they will show that they will continue to be the right choice for gamers . sony has turn around from the beginning of ps3 era and has corrected all they've done wrong and came back to take over ms last gen . from all that sony went through last gen to make such an accomplishment ,to start of ps4 with record breaking system sales from 1st to 3rd party games selling over a million sony will stay on top and no matter what ms does, will not catch sony.

Jughead34162504d ago

aceitman - I think it's way too early to say Microsoft can't catch Sony. They're behind, but not that far behind. They're still doing very well in sales. We aren't even a full year into the cycle. The gap between the 360 and PS3 was much bigger early on, and the PS3 caught all the way up in the end. I do think that Sony will continue to do things to keep their lead. Microsoft will have to show something amazing to overtake Sony. But it's not completely out of reach. Sony in the end though, will have better exclusives and services. It will be the better console to own in the end.

aceitman2504d ago

@jughead lmao what numbers are u looking at not far behind , ok let me start at the launch of ps3 ms was 5 million ahead of ps3 it took sony 7 years to catch them . right now at the same launch time frame ms X1 is 4 million behind sony ps4 sales wise , and u say there not that far behind lmao 4 million. how can u say not far behind . that's like saying a walk across country is not that far. do u really think ms can catch sony with the great momentum that the ps4 has , do u think sony is just going to sit a fold there hands and let ms catch them no sony is going to stay stand tall and proud and give the gamers what they want games ,games games, and not just shooters , that's what makes sony and Nintendo stand out they give a variety of games , and if it indies its a game I can spend hrs if not weeks playing with a lower price tag ( but I can enjoy it more than some triple aaa titles. and then the AAA titles from sony are very well made like always . and for ms to start online gaming on home cosoles and have sony surpass there online features is a congrats to sony.( for the xbots that say sony hasn't surpassed live on features u should thank sony for making ms copy psn features and sony has a better party system . and ps3 had cloud saving 1st. and for anyone to say that u guys have better servers , call me when live on x1 doesn't have sever issues cause I know they do.

LackTrue4K2504d ago

Microsoft will be in the kitchen, and Sony will be like...

"b****, make me a sandwich"

Evilsnuggle2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

[email protected]

bubble for funny

lets look at this logically . Last year microsoft thought they would beat SONY. Last gen microsoft was in close to PS3 worldwide sales and 360 out sold PS3 in the USA. Microsoft did this without alot of first party executive games . microsoft did this with timed executive and timed dlcs . Fast forward 6 months SONY is beating the tar of xbone. microsoft has drop every idea it had and now is coping every thing that SONY has done. Now the point last gen microsoft has said first party executive are not important and came close to beating PS3 without alot of first party executive . It takes years to develop game microsoft just started coping every thing that SONY has done in the last few months . I really doubt that microsoft has that many games in develop . But SONY does that's how PS3 out sold 360 with first party executive games .

SONY has already won E3 with Uncharted 4 , The Order and Project Beast. I don't think the xbone can do graphics like The Order or Uncharted 4 for that next gen WOW factor. If SONY shows the Last Guardian the roof will fall .

Vegamyster2504d ago

Maybe all 3 will do good lol.

Flamingweazel2504d ago

LMAO no.

@ GReen, ignorant much? 3-4 studios said they will not be there, sony has 16 WW studio ssome with 2-3 teams. lol, herp derp.

MysticStrummer2504d ago

"I think Microsoft will eat Sony tomorrow."

As a final act of supreme desperation they'll attempt to kill and cannibalize all high ranking Sony folk?


If you mean MS's presentation will be worlds better than Sony's, that's not likely. I actually do think MS could win E3 overall, but PS4 will keep outselling XB1. MS's best hope is to mobilize the NA dudebros, but that won't help them avoid losing this generation by a larger margin than they lost the last one.

BullyMangler2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

i love sony too thanks sony . Last Guardian

. .. but why does MK8 for the wiiU looks more skills than second Son ps4 .. . (:

what times :):

aceitman2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

with the kiectless X1 at number 60 on amazons top 100 a few hrs before u can buy it, is not a sign of catching sony , but a sign of catching another price drop. and u can say all u want about it ,but sales and charts do not lie about a product when it is brought to light with the correct sales numbers. and it is not looking good for MS sales wise. and u can say all the changes are for the fans , its not!!!! I am not falling for it and so are a lot of others , we will not turn are heads and look the other way MS.

truefan12504d ago

I think MSFT will have the best show tomorrow, but I hope Sony brings it to. I want MSFT to stay hungry because it's already looking like the best generation of XBOX gaming.

0P-Tigrex2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

You are right.. *sigh*
Not in them having the best show, but having the best mindset going into the event. They need to really sell us on good quality games. Whoever wins is strictly subjective to personal opinion.

Microsoft know's that this generation is their most important.
If they can reset the status quo of bringing good games to their console and focus less on the media aspect i predict the console will do just fine.

All these changes that have happened are only good for the gamers and consumers. Lets hope it stays like this.

It would be cool if they could get the box to be popular worldwide. Sadly the only place the Xbox can really compete is North America.

2504d ago
Iffyrhyme2504d ago Show
Pogmathoin2504d ago

People are talking disappointment that, eat this...... Good for you..... Own both, I will just play some games...... Worst thing that happened to gaming is the internet......

DEEBO2504d ago

Yeah eat their dust and follow their lead like they been doing.

Magicite2504d ago

I think Nintendo will eat MS and Sony will stand and laugh at both of them.

ITPython2504d ago

MS will have to pull a miracle out of their arse if they ever want to catch, or even keep up, with Sony.

The XB1 has all the weaknesses, and none of the advantages. PS4 has the hardware advantage, the first-party AAA exclusives advantage, the multiplat game advantage and better online services with PS+. The only thing the XB1 has is the Halo series and a bunch of empty promises about secret sauce improvements.

Unless MS somehow managed to buy most of Sony's first-party studios and got a few dozen more of their own with 20+ announcements for AAA non-timed exclusive games in 2015, they have absolutely no chance this generation. Sony holds all the cards and anything short of MS releasing a more powerful console that is backwards compatible with XB1 games (and vice verse), MS is doomed this gen.

RosweeSon2504d ago

More chance of Nintendo coming 2nd ;)

Matt6662504d ago

Articles like this annoy me because it written by the type of fanboys who jump ship to which ever console is most popular, I have both a Xbox One and a PS4 and they both have great exclusive games.

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JBSleek2504d ago

Sigh... I just want tomorrow to come people can stop talking about this and talk about these companies and more about the games.

Either way MS and Sony are pushing each other to only be better which will result in a win for gamers. It's so early that it's almost laughable when people talk about which one will have more sales in the next five years.

PS4 is great and Xbox One is great and can we not sleep on the Wii U please.

HacSawJimThugin2504d ago

That was the most sensible comment I've read in weeks. Well stated.

Chuk52504d ago

No because they have a point. Sony has been quiet and underestimating Microsoft is a bad move, that's what they did last generation and the 360 capitalized because MS was hungry and sony didn't take their threat seriously enough in the beginning of old gen.

whybag2504d ago

Sony has been quiet, but how could you possibly determine they've been underestimating MS when they haven't even showed their conference yet?

And PS3 won last gen everywhere except the US and UK, but MS started strong and petered out, whereas Sony started very slow and picked up and carried momentum into this gen.

rhood0222504d ago

How has Sony underestimated MS? And why is the fact Sony has been quiet a bad thing?

Sony came into this gen with a clear vision and has followed it through. While MS had a vision and decided that caving to public pressure rather than making people WANT their vision was more important.

mcarsehat2504d ago

Chuk5 is almost right except that subject is just questions.

HAVE Sony underestimated Microsoft, will they fight or just sail along on the buzz of last years E3?

Microsoft is a fat kid shagging, they will try a lot harder because they feel insignificant.

My hope is that they BOTH make me feel warm in my belly.

Can't wait!!!!!!!!

aceitman2504d ago

this is the stuff that pisses me off, its always a bashing towards sony no matter what they do. the last 3 years sony showed off a few games before E3 (MS didn't ), they got bashed for it because people felt they should have waited till E3. and now that there quiet there getting bash and are being told there underestimating ms , but MS has showed off a few games and are being praised and its said , wow they must have a lot to show to get some games out of the way there going to blow sony right out the water this year at E3. I call bs( someone will fall for there trailers and buy a x1, but that's them , in other words sony doesn't catch a break while ms gets praised for the same things sony does. dam hypocritical if u ask me.

zeuanimals2504d ago

I don't understand what the point of being "loud" before E3 is... Isn't E3 the time when you're supposed to be loud and announcing stuff? Not before?

I see boxers hyping up their fights just to be knocked out. I see football teams hype themselves up for the Superbowl just to lose, etc. The hype that matters most and what people remember most is what happens at E3, not before.

Why o why2504d ago

'Sony has been quiet and underestimating Microsoft' ..... would love to hear how you came to that conclusion.

Lets be done with the predictions. E3 is pretty much here.

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zeuanimals2504d ago

Polygon articles can be okay if they're not written by Ben Kuchera or Arthur Gies. This was written by Ben Kuchera...

Polygon actually has some interesting write ups on the industry, it's just those two that ruin the credibility of it all.

eferreira2504d ago

All three will show great stuff. I think Microsoft's conference will be a little more predictable though. Either way i'll be happy. I own all 3 systems.

demonddel2504d ago

Sony ain't worry bout nothing

LAWSON722504d ago

I think if that is true that will be their downfall.

zeuanimals2504d ago

If you interpret it as them being complacent, then sure, it'll be their downfall. But if you interpret it as them being really confident in what they have to show, then they haven't much to worry about.

They weren't worried last year because they knew they were going to kill MS, or atleast that's how they seemed to feel with how Jack Tretton, Adam Boyes, and Shuhei Yoshida let the news out. And then there was the "this is how you share on Playstation" video which was just oozing with confidence.

Ctiboi20102504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

@ Lawson72

I may be wrong but I think he's just quoting the song from French Montana "I Ain't worried Bout Nothin". I'm pretty sure he was just being funny, nothing serious.