Wii U Weekly Deals: Rayman Legends $20, Energizer 3x Charge Station $12, Wonderful 101 $18 and more

Wii U deals and sales on Nintendo, Amazon, RC Willey, Best Buy, Target, Groupon, Meijer and eBay.

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dannygamer2505d ago

Great Deals, Energizer 3x Charge Station is worth $12

Wescyde2504d ago

I got the charger last week for a few cents less than that, worth every penny. Only downfall is the cord, its very short compared to the charger the gamepad comes with in the Wii U

lebr0n2505d ago

Rayman Legends is a must buy for $20.

liamn2505d ago

I have been waiting for Rayman Legends to be $20.

Tom872505d ago

Ordered one, Great price with my GCU!

jacobvogel2505d ago

Is it true that I can't register refurbished consoles on Club Nintendo?

timothyckeegan2505d ago

It all depends on whether or not the previous person had registered it.

edgarohickman2505d ago

Any reason to go for any other bundle than Mario Kart 8?

thund3rguy2505d ago

Mario Kart 8 bundle is the best.
You get:
- Gamepad
- Controller
- Two games (Mario Kart 8 and Free Game with the club Nintendo promotion).

Concertoine2505d ago

The windwaker bundle has the sexy gamepad design.

edgarohickman2505d ago

I don't care about decals.

thund3rguy2505d ago

Is Rayman Legends for Wii U the best version out?

Tom872505d ago

You'll hardly find any one who played the game on multiple systems. Remember, Rayman Legends was first developed for Wii U.

edgarohickman2505d ago

Based on reviews, I guess it is.

mydyingparadiselost2504d ago

Yea, it was made with the gamepad in mind for the Murphy sections so it controls best with the gamepad.

meganick2504d ago

It depends on what control style you prefer. Try demos on different consoles to see which you prefer.

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