Here Is What Star Wars Episode I: Racer Could Look Like In CryEngine

DSOGaming writes: "Back in April, we informed you about a Star Wars Episode I: Racer project. This project is being created by Polycount’s member ‘Benkeeling‘ who has decided to ditch Unreal Engine 4 over CRYENGINE, and has posted some new images from it."

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Milesprowers2509d ago

I loved that game on the Dreamcast

Skate-AK2509d ago

Wow. That is really detailed.

lsujester2509d ago

I would play the hell out of that.

Godmars2902509d ago

Who would it have played is the question.

Software_Lover2509d ago

I would actually love a new podracing game. Especially if they add customization. I still have my n64 copy

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