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CraveOnline: "It's almost hard to believe, but it's been seven years since NCSoft acquired Carbine Studios who at the time was working on an unannounced MMO. Formed by a team of talent comprised of 17 original World of Warcraft development members, and an armada of other experienced programmers, artists, and designers, Carbine Studios quickly became the most promising studio in the MMO world. By 2011 it was finally revealed that the MMO was an ambitious game looking to move the genre to a new era. Called WildStar, it's finally here after years of painstaking labor and over a year of beta testing to reveal the vision of its veteran developer cast.

Many MMO fans, including myself, have been watching WildStar diligently for the past few years, eager to move on from recurring cycle of imitative World of Warcraft. Will WildStar break the trend?"

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