E3 Starts Tomorrow: it's Time to Stop Crying About "Downgrades"

The 2014 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo starts tomorrow, with a whole array of press conferences that will also deliver most of the upcoming trailers. Those will most probably come with the usual tail of "downgrade" complaints, which have become quite "en vogue" lately.

The problem is that most of those complaints seriously lose track of the big picture, and are born of a very partial examination of a game and worse.

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MysticStrummer2501d ago

People will stop complaining when the downgrades stop happening.

Or, they'll get used to being shown possibly deceptive footage and stop getting so excited about it. The buzz generating effect of reveals will be greatly diminished.

Abriael2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

The fact that you use the word "deceptive" means that you don't have very clear how game development works.

Most of the times what you call "deception" is simply the result of resource shifting over years of development.

MysticStrummer2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

No I do, but that doesn't change the fact that when the public sees the Watch Dogs reveal they have to change their pants, and then later they see updated footage and wonder what the hell happened.

Maybe deceptive is the wrong word in some cases because it's not always an intentional lie, but I don't doubt that some devs and publishers want to display their game at it's best even if it's best won't be seen by most people in the end.

I did say "possibly deceptive" after all. :P

Abriael2501d ago

WatchDogs has become a much bigger, much more complex game than what was originally intended. Those resoruces have to be taken somewhere.

Hellsvacancy2501d ago

I'm kinda with Mystic, I was really pissed off how Dark Souls 2 looked when I got it compared to how it was shown originally

The Division will get hit next

alexkoepp2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

I'm more concerned about showing games off too early. The Division looks spectacular, but, when it releases in 2015-2016, there are going to be a lot of other games that look just as good. E3 should be all about the games releasing before next E3. Not the games already out, and not games coming beyond June 2015.

It's totally fine to be upset about downgrades though. When you show a game off, things should be getting better, not worse. I mean, exactly what happened with Watch_Dogs that the game looked better 2 years ago? You showed your footage two years ago, and somehow, with two years extra development time, you managed to make the game look worse? Seriously, wtf?

MysticStrummer2501d ago

"WatchDogs has become a much bigger, much more complex game than what was originally intended."

That's news to me. The reveal looked amazing and I was very intrigued by the gameplay, then as more footage was shown I lost interest, not because of the visuals at all but because the game looked less and less interesting from a gameplay perspective. It sure looked dumbed down to me, not bigger and more complex.

mydyingparadiselost2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

No, it's deceptive and people should be upset about it. If the iPhone was shown off with numerous features and a smooth look and was released as something else people would be upset and rightly so. In the age of pre orders what you present your game as is meant to sell copies and when you show something far advanced than what is actually released that's a problem. If it's too early to show of an actual build of the game that is a realistic representation of the release than its too early to show a gameplay trailer in the first place.

Pro Racer2501d ago

Good article.

@Abriael Maybe if Watch_Dogs was made only for next gen platforms and PC the devs would have been able to make fewer compromises and spend more time on improving the graphics optimization.

Eonjay2501d ago

I have to disagree. When you publish article after article discussing downgrades, or the lack of, it make it difficult for people to let it go. Remember, the topics presented on this agitator are submitted by users, but are actually written by bloggers or journalists. They are the people you should be addressing your piece to.

dantesparda2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Wow, for once i agree with alexkeopp, amazing! But im with Mystic, the fact is WD was downgraded and infamous was not and The Order doesnt look like it either. Those are the facts. And this talk of WD getting bigger is news to me too. And WD is not the only game to use these deceptive tactics, fact! And wont be the last.

Genki2501d ago

So in other words, we should accept whatever is thrown at us, is that it? Are you saying that developers and publishers shouldn't be held accountable, nor should they learn from past mistakes and try to mitigate this sort of thing before it happens?

Are we, the consumers really the only villains here for *gasp* setting our expectations by what we've been shown? Hate to burst your bubble, Abriael, but if I'm spending my money on these games, then I have ever right to complain about them not delivering up to expectation, and that's not in reference to my own lofty, unrealistic expectations, that's strictly speaking to the expectations that the developers and publishers put out.

Yes, reasonable compromises are expected to happen, but when they're so drastic to the point where I'm playing a game that isn't wholly representative of what was marketed to me, then a paying customer, I have every right to complain. It's called holding people accountable.

jebabcock2501d ago

Yeah, I think showing CG footage of what you would like the game to look like before you have really developed anything is a bit deceptive. Plain and simple.

To the other side though I kind of understand the whole concept of there is no second chance to make a first impression...

Its a tough situation the devs are in... Still, I'd like to see less CG BS and more actual content. Or at the very least be very open and up front with what it is you are showing...


Not sure the iPhone is the best example to use there but still a valid point. Apple Loyalists can make the console war's worst trolls look like angels. I think if you posted a steaming pile of crap on the web and claimed it was autographed by Steve Jobs it would sell.

TOTSUKO2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

I just don't like how people can't look past a game downgrade and complain rather then asking yourselves why it happens.

Yeah downgrades suck, but developers just don't make graphics worse to make the game worse. We should be asking if the downgrade did justice to the overall game.

They're selling a product and we are the consumers who has a say but crying or whining like a kid won't help the developers make a better game. It's as simple as not buying or supporting the game and give productive feedback. If majority of people shares the same opinions then developers will sure make it happen.

If developers are just cutting corners making a half assed game then it is probably the best time to start crying and whining. lol

ThatKanadianKid2501d ago

Watch Dogs more complex? Really? Go look at the E3 reveal, the AI, the graphics, the combat, all of it seems dumbed down a tad from that reveal. The car crash scene especially, with the guy freaking about his loved one being hurt and Aiden tells him to stay calm. Nothing like that in the game.

starchild2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )


No, Abriael is right. Any gamer who understands how game development works knows that games can and will change over the course of development. Getting mad at this fact reveals pure ignorance and a shameful attitude of entitlement.

The fact is, we have had a clear idea of what Watch Dogs would be bringing to the table for a long time. Nobody can claim they didn't know what they were buying. And if anybody really did expect it to look exactly like that trailer from two years ago then they are idiots and deserve whatever they get.

The E3 2012 demo was a very early demo well before the consoles were even announced. We've seen representative footage ever since then. In any case the final game looks fantastic and isn't that far off from that early demo anyway.

People are making a mountain out of a molehill. I'm sick of how juvenile and irrational many of my fellow gamers are. Luckily there are also lots of gamers, like Abriael for example, who do have their heads screwed on straight.

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HurstDarkStar2501d ago

You ever find it odd how all these articles nowadays tend to be about accepting the crappiest parts about gaming that are being introduced?

Genki2501d ago

It isn't odd, because they usually originate from disingenuous 'journalists' who have something to gain from us feeding a faltering industry that they serve to gain from. If the author gave both points of view a fair shake then I'd be more willing to listen to his POV, but he's essentially trying to vilify the target audience of the gaming industry and tell us to 'suck it up and enjoy whatever you're given'.

Yeah, thanks for the input buddy, but speak for yourself. I don't take kindly to apologists myself, standards be damned.

mcarsehat2501d ago

People will ALWAYS complain about something, it's not the resolution (Pun intended) that matters, it's the conflict.

When people stop moaning about what the game looks like, i'll backflip over a table and through my wall. All so called 'gamers' care about now is how games look, gameplay is a thing of the past.

christrules00412501d ago

People expect games to be the greatest thing they have played yet. The issue with that is if it's not all they do is complain. People should try lowering there expectations so if it's not the perfect game ever made they can actually still enjoy it instead of being pissed off and not even enjoy the game. Then the games you don't expect to be great and turn out to be great it'll blow you away how much fun it is to play it.

Really depends on the persons attitude towards games really. I keep my expectations low because I want to actually enjoy what I purchase. It also makes me put more hours into games instead of being on forums complaining.

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theRell2501d ago

If you don't complaints of downgrades, that's what has worked the past. That's what happened after gameplay for Halo 2 was shown at E3, the final was so off, they never showed gameplay at E3 unless the game released that year. Doesn't raise expectations too high.

Plagasx2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Man, H2 looked amazing at E3.

theRell2501d ago

Then it came out a year later as looking like a completely different game. Even the rate of fire on the Battle Rifle changed.

hollabox2501d ago

Yeah publishers need to stop passing off target rendering as actually gameplay users can expect.

1nsomniac2501d ago

?? Title doesn't make sense what does E3 have anything to do with downgrades??

Abriael2501d ago

Tomorrow you're gonna see a ton of trailers. The day after tomorrow you're gonna read a ton of downgrade complaints from those trailers.

Plagasx2501d ago

A lot of the downgrades are based of the initial reveal which normally happens during E3 trailers.

kingduqc2501d ago

How can one deffend a downgrade. They clearly want to impress us but showing something that isn't real for marketing purpous is just stupid and deceptive.

I mean, if the game looks stunning 2 years ago how come they magially make effect disapear even on the pc? that's because 2 years ago it wasn't real

Abriael2501d ago

Or because those resources have been used elsewhere.

You can't use infinite resources even on PC. You have to stay within certain specs if you want to sell a game.

kingduqc2501d ago

Yes you can, that's called VIDEO SETTINGS.

starchild2501d ago

Give me a break, kingduqc. Many of my fellow PC gamers are already bitching just because they can't run Watch Dogs maxed out and get a steady 60fps. You're telling me that making it even more demanding would be a good idea? No, it wouldn't be. Ignorant people would just claim the game was broken and poorly optimized.

Anybody that actually expected the PC version to look exactly like the E3 2012 demo is hopelessly naive. I knew exactly what we would be getting on PC: a more refined version of what we have seen running on the PS4 FOR THE PAST YEAR AND A HALF.

People pretending that they were deceived is astoundingly disingenuous.

Ghost_Nappa2501d ago

The whining stops when they add a disclaimer notifying viewers that the footage they are showing is not representative of the final product.

Abriael2501d ago

Lol. You seriously think that'd stop the whining? come on. be realistic.

Bundi2501d ago

Man somebody is on that payroll!

MysticStrummer2501d ago

They do have that disclaimer a lot, but it seems to show up more often when the game will end up looking better than when it ends up looking worse. When it looks great they'll say something like "This is all in game footage".

Plagasx2501d ago

"Not Representative of final Graphics"

Is all I ask.

starchild2501d ago

Gamers should be smart enough to realize that is always the case. If a game is still in development it is ALWAYS in flux and subject to change.

uth112501d ago

When the footage is years out from the release of the final product (in the case of Watchdogs), any fool can deduce they are not looking at the final product.

The developers themselves don't know exactly what the final product will look like at that point

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