E3 2014: Who Will Surprise Us This Year?

Hardcore Gamer: As E3 draws nearer we come that much closer to getting bombarded with new information about the games we'll playing in the coming year. E3 is certainly one of the most exciting times of year to be a gamer, and why wouldn't it be? Soon we'll be seeing new gameplay footage of highly anticipated games, learning release dates, and hearing developers talk about their games in great detail. While all of these things are certainly great reasons to look forward to E3, the one thing gamers look forward to more than anything else are surprises.

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ValKilmer2499d ago

Sony with a Last Guardian announcement!

*dies a little inside*

alexkoepp2499d ago

Anyone with games that will be released this year that we don't already know about.

Also be surprising if we don't see more delays.

ZodTheRipper2499d ago

My bets are on Sony as well, I'm expecting at least 2, rather 3 or 4 big announcements from them tomorrow. Can't wait =)

hello122499d ago

IGN reported today it was cancelled, they got information from a reliable source supposedly it was. Can't say i know for sure that's the truth, but they are saying it.

Uncharted will likely be the best looking game for Sony.

Not sure about Halo, but if Gears is shown it should look amazing it always does.

OrangePowerz2499d ago

My money is on Ubisoft with a new unannounced game ;)

maximus19852499d ago

2015 will walk in in physical form only to itself be delayed

CaEsAr-2499d ago

If we could just wait and see instead of these useless articles, that would be great.

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The story is too old to be commented.