The Stomping Land: Tips and Tricks for survival on Jurassic Island

In the survival world of The Stomping Land, you are placed onto an island as a caveman with ingrained knowledge of how to build the necessities of life. To this point in the Alpha state of The Stomping Land, only eating is required for survival, and your primary goal is in not being killed by the predators of the land. While the ultimate goal may be to take on one of the island’s giant predators while mounting an equally strong dinosaur, death is not an option as your survival and experience go hand-in-hand toward this goal. Die, and you’ll lose everything.

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ROQFrost2498d ago

This game is fun and challenging lol.

JoeIsMad2498d ago

It's pretty fun, but it would be more fun if I didn't suck.

Stevefantisy2498d ago

Still on the fence about buying this.