Games To Look Forward To From Microsoft at E3 2014

E3 is one of the biggest gaming events of the year where companies come to showcase their tasty games coming out soon, and it’s less than a day away! Tomorrow everything kicks off with the Microsoft conference, and one of Leviathyn's writers talks about some of the titles to be excited about.

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IanVanCheese2506d ago

Rather spurious definition of 'from Microsoft', but whatever I guess. It should be a good show from all the big 3.

LAWSON722505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

If that involves Halo 2 Anniversary then hell yeah Halo, if not Halo 5 will be a game I pick up for the story of the Chief because 343i will never make a online game that appeals to me. If all they show is Halo 5 and some stupid collection... screw Halo.

Pogmathoin2506d ago

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone rejoiced at all the games on all platforms that will be shown this week? Liking one is not a reason to hate the other, embrace everything that comes out. This is our industry, not MS, Sony, Nintendo, Apple or anyone else..... They have all made mistakes, bad decisions, but we forgive and move on...the more platforms, the more developers, games, and innovation.... Put aside hatred, rivalry, and get excited.... I know this coming from me is rich, but well, we all get sucked in........ Here's hoping for Fallout 4!

OddChild2506d ago

I agree completely, I'm looking forward to the games on all platforms!
The only reason this article is a Microsoft-related one is that the writer is part of the Microsoft team, and the sections have done their own related articles.
It's not a case of one platform better than the other :)

And amen for Fallout 4!

Fireseed2506d ago

Seriously on the edge of my seat for more KI Season 2 news! :3

incendy352506d ago

Yeah, Killer Instinct reveal was probably my favorite moment from last e3! I am hoping Perfect Dark and Conker make a showing this year. I don't mind if someone other than Rare takes those games over either, might even prefer it!

LAWSON722505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Perfect Dark is something I don't see happening. The first try was a fail and MS has established shooters already. Either way who knows maybe they will surprise everybody.

on_line_forever2506d ago

if you ask me i would say alan wake 2

this game really great .

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