E3 2014 Wishlist: My hopes and fears for PS4

Gamezone: The Playstation 4 has had one of the smoothest, no-nonsense console launches of all time. The device sits like a sleek monolith atop my entertainment center -- it’s small, powerful, straight-forward. There are things it could do better, but it does so much right that it’s a hard thing to get mad at. That clarity and focus from Sony has resulted in very strong sales and the death of the idea that this generation is “the end” for consoles. Things are fine in hardware-land: we just need some more damn software.

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thorstein2499d ago

I really want to see more of No Man's Sky.

lifesanrpg2499d ago

I had actually forgotten about that! Oh man, now I'm even more excited haha.

as for me, I want to see some new exclusives. Microsoft has done a great job introducing new IPs: Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, etc. Time for Sony to strike back

brew2499d ago

Hopes -

The Last Guardian
another new IP

Fears -


DealWithIt2499d ago

Really hoping for GTA 5 Remastered on PS4/XB1 and PC

robtion2499d ago

Hopes lots of new exclusives, at least 3 full retail games, though more would be nice.

Fears they will continue to drip feed games and give limited info as they have since last e3.

eddieistheillest2499d ago

I want to see that indie dinosaur game and Resogun dlc. Fear Effect reboot !!!! ( will never happen lol )

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