Bonus Round: The Games That Will Rock E3

Before the big show, the Bonus Round panel tells you which games you need to keep an eye on at E3

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joab7772504d ago

So, whats the unannounced game? Hmmmm. God of War 4. I am also surprised at how little they care for Destiny, saying it isnt competitive. Also, it isnt B orderlands. I dont get that comparison other than loot. I would compare it more to GW2 or FF14, but mixed with Halo gameplay. It has real time dynamic events, end game raiding of sorts. I dunno...I am really excited. Imagine an mmo with a Halo-sque PvP mode. If that doesnt get u excited nothing can.

Though The Witcher 3 is my most looked forward to game along with Dragon Age, which appears to be coming along nicely.

alexkoepp2504d ago

I think they are spot on with Destiny showing boring gameplay. I'm really not impressed. That game doesn't look like it plays like Halo in the slightest. The games early trailers were much more intriguing then recent footage. Bungie did create the Halo universe which is awesome, but they did worse and worse with Halo as time went on. Maybe they are just losing talent, or maybe they just lost sight of what made Halo great - either way I'm glad they left Halo in the hands of a better studio and since the first Halo was incredible, hopefully this first Destiny is too... they certainly don't have me convinced yet with those bore-fest gameplay videos they've been showing.

Witcher looks killer I hope we see more of it this week.

Omegasyde2504d ago

Destiny is being billed as a MMO shooter.

MMO = Massive multiplayer online.

Everything Activision/bungie has showed has been between 1-4 players online and the levels feel like rooms connected by tunnels.

Personally, I think after the dust flies - alot more people will prefer warframe instead.

GamingSinceThe80s2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Wow....I don't think nintendo came up once in those 10 minutes.And I feel like they mite just have the most games to show that will be out this year. And even if they are coming next year a least a few of the show's biggest games regardless.