GTA 5: Will Watch Dogs Force PS4, Xbox One and PC to Make Announcements for E3?

The highly-anticipated GTA 5 release speculation for PC, Xbox One and PS4 gains further momentum, as a recent report by WCCF Tech suggests that Rockstar could grab the spotlight away from Ubisoft's Watch Dogs by announcing the re-mastered GTA 5 release at E3.

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trickman8882500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

I would hope so. I'd like to finally play GTAV on PC with mods, and higher resolution with high or ultra settings.

but i have a feeling they wont make any announcement of the sort for E3. Hope i'm wrong though.

showtimefolks2500d ago

sony will make the announcement for R*, GTA5 is happening for sure.

Yukicore2500d ago

I think, for Rockstar it would be a dumb thing not to port it over to PC and current gen consoles. They've invested so much resurces and made such an immersive game, it would be a good chance to sell even more.

Although I am not familiar at all with costs of releasing a game and difficulty of porting/remaking a game. But with all my heart, I hope I will see GTA V on PC very soon

KontryBoy7062500d ago

I don't know man... I would like to see the game on PC too. However, if it doesn't it wont be the first time Rockstar was dumb about something. Look at Red Dead Redemption

Yukicore2500d ago

@KontryBoy706 I think I understand why R* is doing this, first of all games on PC sell considerably less than consoles, then there is difficulty of optimization, as there are a lot of different specs for PC's.

I, myself, wouldn't go back to consoles, they just don't deliver the same graphical experience as PC. Sure it is a bit more difficult to maintain a PC for gaming, than having a console, but at the end of the day I benefit more.

Eiffel2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )


Red Dead Redemption was a special case which Rockstar admitted to being a personal screw up as far as development goes. Originally the game was meant to the come out for PS2 and Xbox, but Rockstar held off and revamped the game several times throughout it's development. The reason they haven't ported it to PC is because they'd have to rework the entire code as it was never developed with PC architecture in mind.

The only best bet is future emulators. Eventually I'm sure the game will make it's way to PC, just not officially.

user56695102499d ago

if they dont bring gtav im not supporting them no more. i not supporting devs that treat pc gamers like second class citizens

0P-Tigrex2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

I doubt it...but MAYBE... GTA5 made enough money on last gen platforms. Watchdogs imo isn't as great as GTA5. It's a step back Edit: Giant step back, look at the end product compared to the first released demo.. IF for whatever reason Rockstar made GTA5 for both next gen consoles it would turn into.....Watch Dogs??? What's Watch Dogs??

sungin2500d ago

hope so,mods help the game to be better experience

ScamperCamper2500d ago

Getting sick of waiting for PC tbh. I have my new gaming rig so ready for it. Speculation that the online GTA issues might be slowing down their release schedule: http://www.grandtheftautofo... Not sure, might make sense. If Rockstar comes out with thousand of more players, is their GTA Online system going to handle it? Who knows how all the different platforms would integrate if at all, but it's pretty exciting none the less. I want this news SOOOOO bad!

LAWSON722500d ago

Watch Dogs is no threat to GTAV

Ghost_Nappa2500d ago

For extra funsies, every time Aiden is talking to his nephew Jack, imagine him saying "I'M BATMAN!".

oODEADPOOLOo2500d ago

I got watchdogs and season pass over this already, only because Rockstar is taking their sweet time. It's almost certain game was done a while back and they were milking last gen sales as much as they could. Whatever... they considered next gen customers a low priority so I consider them a low priority. Most definitely expecting them to announce it at E3, but im going to pick it up on half off sale for milking it so long.

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