E3 Vita Predictions - Likely, Unlikely and Improbable

The Vita Lounge team give their thoughts ahead of Sony's E3 keynote.

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Xof2499d ago

I have a feeling most of the E3 news will be a regurgitation of last year's E3, considering the biggest titles discussed last year still haven't released.

teflontactics2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I don't necessarily think it'll be a regurgitation of last year, as much as the same old E3. We'll see lots of little teases for stuff that's nowhere close to release, a few big announcements here and there but nothing near what everyone expects, and companies showing off games we knew about but have yet to see in action. There'll be a few deals and bundles announced, but nothing mind blowing.

It's going to be the same old "hype-never-equals-realit y" situation we always deal with - so prepare yourselves for disappointment and you're less likely to be disappointed. haha.

DarkHeroZX2498d ago

Dear Sony please announce God Eater 2, J-Star Victory, Gravity rush 2 and Persona 5 for the west. Please and thank you.

Xof2498d ago

Looks like you were 0/4. ~__~

DarkHeroZX2497d ago


well I didn't make the prediction, I just asked for it.

DualWielding2498d ago

I originally thought so as well, but if they are renting out Movie theaters to show the conference they ought to have something better than that or else they are crazy

Mr-Dude2499d ago

Would be very nice if atlus announced Persona 5 for the Vita.. instead of four years down the road

Whxian2499d ago

would be nice, but they would have announced it if it was the case, and i dont think it will happen unless they have some deal with sony.

DualWielding2498d ago

I think Persona 5 will remain PS3 exclusive for the time being. However a different Shin Megami Tensei game could be announced for Vita

Skate-AK2499d ago

I don't think Skate would work on Vita. The area of the thumb sticks is to small for precise tricks.

SpinalRemains1382498d ago

Demons Souls Vita would be cool.

I'd settle for an NHL game even.