Uncharted 4 Appears to be in Good Hands

"Recently, in an interview with Game Informer, Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells confirmed the directors to shepherd Uncharted 4 are Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, the directing team for the hit game The Last of Us." |

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-Foxtrot2510d ago

Of course it's ND, it will be a good game all round.

ZodTheRipper2510d ago

It's even in the best hands if you think about it. I see no reason to worry at all and I really hope they have a lot to show tomorrow.

-Foxtrot2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

The only thing I know I'm going to be disappointed in is the multiplayer because I know for a fact they will just continue what they've done with Uncharted 3 instead of going back to what the online was like in Uncharted 2

Doing another Uncharted 2 multiplayer means they can spend more time on the single player as they won't need to worry about balancing a shit load of stuff out for all those silly, out of place gimmicks every online game has these days. They just don't fit into Uncharted.

More people used skill in Uncharted 2, now it's just a run and gun fest using whatever you've unlocked to take people down. It hasn't got it's own identity anymore

ZodTheRipper2510d ago

How do you know that? We don't even know whether they will keep the core formula the same or for example go open world with it. I agree that the MP in UC3 wasn't as good as in UC2 but they certainly delivered a great MP with TLOU so I'm not worried about that one for now.

-Foxtrot2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

How do I know? Guessing really to be honest but it makes a little sense when you think about it

The online in Uncharted 2 was thrown in after they finished the main game. The game was fantastic, especially the story and how well written the characters were, each character got enough time in the spot light

The online in Uncharted 3 was worked on from the start and they shoved a lot of crap in that wasn't needed. They went totally overboard and bite off more then they could chew, it took them ages to balance things and even then they weren't good enough. The story in Uncharted 3 was good but it wasn't as good as Uncharted 2s, there were also little things here and there but you can see that there's a chance the time spent on multiplayer might of taken away from the single player story. Even the characters felt they didn't have enough spent of them, it spent too much time on Sully and Drake. Cutter was fantastic and he was written off early on and Elena didn't get enough screen time.

Hey it might not of, just a guess but it's just my take on it.

Uncharted 3s multiplayer was alright but it never kept you going unlike Uncharted 2. The system felt like every other online game.

The Last of Us was a step in the right direction but you still had things in the online which didn't belong in a game like that. However that's another story.

ShinMaster2510d ago

It's the Uncharted 2 / TLoU team.

I'd say Uncharted 4 is definitely in good hands.

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PaleMoonDeath2510d ago


You just nailed it on the head bud, Uncharted 2's multiplayer was fantastic, none of these cheap gimmicks to unlock to use against others, Uncharted 3 felt like an arcade version of UC2's MP.

Hopefully, they'll take it back to the way it was before UC3, I'd gladly invest time into playing it.

Codey472510d ago

I buy ND's games because they're normally better than good.

Whence Uncharted 4 releases and it isn't regarded in the same league as the others...then Amy Hennig (and others) will be sorely missed.

I normally like Amy Hennig's games
The Legacy of Kain and Uncharted series are the best story driven games, I've ever played.

Proof's in the pudding so I await eagerly.

Baccra172510d ago

IMO, Uncharted 3 sucked. So being made by Nd doesn't mean much.

jebabcock2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Despite in my opinion being a great game, there were elements of Uncharted that were kind of old. They need to stop reopening issues that were resolved in previous iterations, ie the relationship between Nathan and Elena... He has had to win her over in all 3 games. Very bothersome. They need to progress, let them have a kid or something and throw new dynamics into a game instead of just reopening resolved issues again and rehashing them. Its called progression. It keeps a series from getting tedious or frustrating. I think they realize this though and I'm concerned they are going to kill Elena off though. I like her character and that she kept nathan balanced as a character. She was a moral anchor for him. If they are going a bit darker in this iteration, she might take a fall early on and that would definitely send Nathan into a not so happy place. I like the Last of Us, but I don't want Uncharted to turn into a Last of Us just to make money. I like the comical lightheartedness of the previous Uncharted games. I think it is part of the game's Identity.

ShinMaster2510d ago

The team behind Uncharted 2 and TLoU are making Uncharted 4. Not the team behind Uncharted 3.

Besides, 3 was pretty good still.

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elhebbo162510d ago

Hope its not extremely linear, I know they trying to convey a movie like feel but bigger open enviornments could do the series good.

ZodTheRipper2510d ago

I think it was great in TLOU - some linearity with different ways to approach every situation and some random open environments where it's mostly exploration with enemy encounters between.

elhebbo162510d ago

yea thats what I meant, in TLOU (especially in the hotel level) there was plenty of ways tackle it.

Number-Nine2510d ago

UC3 was bad. UC4 can only get better

Silly gameAr2510d ago

UC3 was bad? Do you not like games?

Number-Nine2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I like good games.

Final battle was lame.
Story was lame.
Treasure expedition theme was abandoned half way through.
An entire chapter dedicated to walking.
Writing wasn't nearly as clever.
Ending was lame.
Shooting mechanics got worse and shoulder swapping was automatically turned off.

choujij2510d ago

Your comment was bad. And you should feel bad.

0P-Tigrex2510d ago

UC3 wasn't "bad", but it wasn't the greatest.

Relientk772510d ago

It's Naughty Dog was there any doubt?

SolidDuck2510d ago

ND made 4 games last gen. Neil and Bruce were in charge of 2 of them. The last of us and uncharted 2. In my opinion those were the best 2. I think they had the best single player and MP. I really think uncharted 4 is in good hands. I'm excited to see it and hope they show it at e3 even tho most likely it will be a holiday 2015 release.

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