Call of Duty 3 Review

Can innovative control win out over the grit and glamor of the HD era?

From IGN: "Graphics vs. gameplay. That's the battle Nintendo is facting this generation, and now that final copies of Wii games are hitting our desks, we as reviewers are trying to sort through the ups and downs of the "HD vs. Innovation" debris. Take, for example, Call of Duty 3. Hitting nearly a 9.0 score on both 360 and PS3 just a week ago, we've now had our run with the Wii version as well. Is it essentially the same game? Minus a few changes, yes it is. Interestingly enough though, it feels like a totally different experience. Whether or not the sacrifice for notably weaker graphics is worth it will come down to your personal preference. For us, the game is a great start to a new way of playing, though we wouldn't go as far as to say it's better than its console counterparts just yet."

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jacen10004451d ago

wow people actually agree graphics isent everything the wii is gonna bring a new gaming experience especially when it comes to FPS its gonna change the way they are played, open your eyes microsoft and sony souped up graphics dvd players hard drives blu ray bullshit this is all the true gimics when it comes to this gen consoles, the rest is in the playing cant wait to get a hold of a wii none of the rest inrterest me in any way

Madmax12819804449d ago

Id Rather Have Online Play And Multyplayer And Graphix That Look Realistic Instead Of This Last Gen junk. Face It The Ps3 and 360 Are Leaps ahead of this Rubbish. If I Wanted dated Graphix Id Buy a Ps2 Xbox Or Gamecube. The Wii Is A Poor Excuse of A Next Gen Gaming System And Will Only Sell To Ppl To Poor Too Afford A True Nextgen System.

jacen10004448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

yes indeed the wii is not next gen graphics but the control style is next gen i have a pc for my high end gaming experience i wont be seeing or playing hardly anything new on p3s 360.
dident u read the review its BIG upping the control style of the wii putting it ahead of the HD and nice visuals experience of the other machines, as they dont bring a new experience just a graphics upgrade with is NOTHIN NEW fool. DS V PSP what happened there lol-- POWER V INNOVATION innovation always wins