Feast your eyes on Fat Princess: A Piece of Cake

Fat Princess started life on the PlayStation 3 as a real time strategy game that was a great success when it released on the PlayStation Network in 2009. It appears that owners of the PlayStation Vita will get a taste of the sugary delights the Princess loves when the free-to-play Fat Princess: A Piece of Cake launches later this year.

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SpideySpeakz2504d ago

Had so much fun with this game back in '10. It's so underrated tho.

sinncross2504d ago

Wait... is this a port of an iOS game?

Is this a sign that Sony will finally port over their smartphone games to the PSV because seriously, I think it was a really stupid move of them to not have PSV versions of their smartphone games in the first place.

baconbits692504d ago

The ios game is a fun little jewel matching type game but the best part is that when you pass level 15 you get a voucher code to download Fat Princess on your PS3 for free!! Cool concept, more games should try this.

FamilyGuy2504d ago

One of my first digital psn purchases and a great one at that.

I wonder why they never made a sequel on home console?