Grand Theft Auto 5 Gonna blow us away Tonight

"First I would like to inform you about why there is this very long timegap between the released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you have played with GTA V on PlayStation 3 or on Xbox 360 you already know that there are plenty of glitches." -

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Psychotica2501d ago

Believe it when I see it..

ZodTheRipper2501d ago

Kinda misleading title ...nothing to see here guys.

PurpatraitorMGS2501d ago

I swear, you guys save me lots of time. Thank you lol.

Donnywho2501d ago

It's not just trash, my anti virus is lighting up on this site. Stay away.

guitarded772501d ago

Don't forget to rate the story quality. It's our responsibility so we don't have to see more trash at 1000 degrees.

Unless we have a PC/PS4/X1 announcement, I don't care.

TheSaint2501d ago

God damn it, I need to lower my expectations just based on titles.

I thought this was going to be interesting, stupid click bait.

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blackbeld2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Exactly. Graphics never been that great on GTA games.

16bitNutritionist2501d ago

GTA 5 looks amazing considering the age of the hardware and the scale is immense. One of the Best looking games of last gen by far.

pompombrum2501d ago

Am I missing something here? I thought GTA 5 looked pretty damn good. When you look at the scale they are dealing with, they done a fantastic job with the graphics.

Psygnosis3332501d ago

Graphics are very good..thay can't be better on ps3 or x360..they reach max of the sistems ;P

elninels2501d ago

Ps3 gta v looked just as good as ps4 watch dogs(not pissing on watch dogs; I think its an extremely entertaining game).

Prime1572501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

What don't you people get about graphics. Hardware is like a slice of pie, and each little graphic put into the game takes a piece of the pie of the whole.

Gta is very well optimized for the scale on those systems, and "graphics" are an all encompassing argument.

When people like you say, "Graphics never been that great on GTA games" it just shows your ignorance of the whole pie.

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truefan12501d ago

Who cares I already have the game, people who rebuy this are contributing to the recent trend of money grabs.

Randostar2501d ago

I bought the CE of GTAV and the Collectors Guide.
If they release it on ps4 im going to buy it.
The game is great and if i can experience a better version i'm all for it.

bondsmx2501d ago

I'm gonna buy it on ps4. But I'm different case, I didn't buy it on ps3. I never really liked open world game until just recently. Imfamous and watch dogs on ps4 have kinda turned me into a fan. So, if they do release it on ps4, I'm gonna pick it up and expirence it for the first time.

gigoran2501d ago

Yeah, the reprinting of Halo on the xbone fits into that category I think. Look at all the fools with their wallets open when MS announced that.

TheSaint2500d ago

Can't wait to see your posts on the next Halo topic.

'Wow, MS bringing the GAMES' or something like that.

Don't you get tired of all this BS you spout?

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Yahdaree2501d ago

Is the author retarded? Says he loves GTA 5 and also says he never played it... I'm honestly sorry I read this.

BABY-JEDI2500d ago

Maybe he has a very short span memory?

Rickgrimes952501d ago

Poorly written article don't waste you're time

IaussieGamer2501d ago

very misleading title and purely after hits.

Gamerbynight2501d ago

Same here. It would be nice to play on x1.

showtimefolks2501d ago

GTA5 will be revealed at sony's e3 conference and i can not wait to buy it again. Hopefully there will be some sort of single player expansion pack and more player count in GTA online. I would like the option to play with 32 or 64 players online

MrDreadnought2500d ago

It seems the Pre-E3 articles are all the same, speculation to its finest without any solid evidence that we haven't heard about in the past months.

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alexkoepp2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Is there some other piece of news saying they'll show it off tonight? I've seen no evidence. Why did this article get approved?

RosweeSon2501d ago

Exactly he's on about a youtube video from 2013? Nice one I read most if the article but once it got to I haven't even played the game can't be bothered, I've played it on ps3 sure it could look loads better but it was no dogs dinner and when the inevitable ps4/xbox one versions arrive it'll look loads better, still can't see it happening on PC tho, sorry ;)

RosweeSon2501d ago

"But I've not even played it" and yet still nothing is confirmed. Next!

PS3Freak2501d ago

Stopped reading when I read that too.

Guy is being critical of a game he has never played.

Not worth your time.

WeAreLegion2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

You can't even call this a rumor. It's just some idiot talking about the possibility.

Adexus2501d ago

Awfully written article :\