The Gaming Agenda Podcast: E3 2014 Preview

John and Daniel are back with a special E3 Preview cast where they discuss not only what they think will appear but what they’d like to appear and comment on some rumours and speculation that have been spreading in the lead up to E3.

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generic-user-name2499d ago

Who do you guys think will win E3 2014?

KingKelloggTheWH2499d ago

Thats a hard one...Ican actually see it going any way

generic-user-name2499d ago

Only a few hours left until we find out, exciting times!

KingKelloggTheWH2499d ago

If FFXV,KH3,The last Guardian,FFtype-0,Tekken VS Street Fighter and Dragons Dogma 2 show up then this will be the best E3 ever.

Sadly half those most likely wont be there T_T

generic-user-name2499d ago

I had forgotten all about TxSF, we need a current gen Tekken. Hopefully The Last Guardian will surprise us with a new trailer or gameplay, anything to show that progress is being made.