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One of the editors at Middle of Nowhere Gaming spent over 100 hours playing Mario Kart 8 during its first week. He thought that it definitely advanced the series in some ways, but at the cost of losing ground in others. Read his full review here.

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Axecution2504d ago

It's amazing but the lack of any form of multiplayer or single player stats is brutal and should be mentioned in every review and should affect its score.

...and theres no automatic transmission anymore, which pretty much prevents me from playing with my friends since they are pretty casual and don't really understand drifting.

Too many things were removed frik.

Highlife2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Agree and also have a very small gripe but annoys me. After every race you have the option to view highlights or next race. Next race should be the default not highlights. I don't want to see highlights after every race. I know that all I have to do is push down once but it annoys me for some reason.

Fixay2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Thats what the MK8 app will be for, stat tracking etc

Still wish it was built into the game though, or added through a patch.

If they do a DLC expansion anything similar to LuigiU I'll be happy.

(My opinion) Improvements:
- Single player modes aside from grand prixs, similar to MK7, sprints, coin running, 10n1 races similar Diddy 'kong Racing bosses
- Some kind of voice chat... I understand why there is none but at least give the option to select it before matchmaking. Adults like myself would like to chat with others
- An actual reward for 3 staring every cup. A star by my name when i matchmake online would be enough
- Stat tracking. How many first places, total amount of coins (which is absurd seeing you have to unlock parts using coins but you never know exactly how many you have lol), item uses, most played character and parts
- Battle mode arenas!
- Add the ghost item back in! No more coins lol you could just steal other peoples items
- Time Trial Ghost of the week? A random ghost on time trials that if you beat you gain a boosted amount of coins. Would help in getting the gold glider which you have to obtain 10,000 coins to get
- Official Tournaments! Coins or even special types of parts as prizes

In general the game is a blast to play and I'm addicted to online, but i'd love some extra content

3-4-52504d ago

Hmmm it actually makes it so it's just about having fun and playing the game, like back in the 90's.

* It's not about who played the most games or who has the most kills or wins, it's about having the most fun in whichever way you can. This game allows you to do that in many ways.

I think that is more important than "being the best".

PS4isTHEkneesOFbees2504d ago

How can this game be in 720p AND lack any sort of anti aliasing AND have blurry textures on the trackside? I thought the WiiU was powerful AND nintendo would get the most out of it.

DoctorJones2504d ago

If he spent over 100 hours playing it in a week that means he played it over 14 hours a day!

It's alright for some, I barely get a couple of hours a night to play games.

lmcontaldi2503d ago

Doctor Jones, I'm said reviewer -- the "week" was more like 9 days, but it sill turned out to about 10+ hours a day.

And there was a ton of time I wasn't the one playing it! I focus tested the game with new-comers to gaming, Nintendo fans, classic Mario Kart junkies.

Such was the benefit of no work at the moment and all the free time at my disposal.