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Tom Regain: "It may have been nine long years since Resident Evil 4, but within minutes of playing The Evil Within, it becomes apparent that creative director Shinji Mikami is picking up exactly where he left off. The opening segment of the demo I played plunges you into an instantly familiar eerie European village, and straight into the boots of a long haired and suitably Leon-type protagonist. Mere minutes into exploring my surroundings, I stumbled upon a wave of infected villagers around a camp fire who (unsurprisingly) were vying for my blood. After years of Resident Evil, headshots came naturally and soon I had taken most of them down – or so I thought. After shooting multiple undead and starting to mêlée the remaining stragglers, to my horror the villagers I had just riddled with bullets started to rise. Low on ammo and quickly becoming surrounded, I turned to the nearest corpse and set it on fire, before fighting my way out of the horde and fleeing to the nearest cabin."

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