Why the overall entertainment value will be the deciding factor in who wins E3

...This is the event with all major media coverage and having a good showing is critical for the reputation of these console makers. Having a strong showcase of entertainment services, and not just relying on games, will be the deciding factor in which company prevails as the winner of E3.

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BoneBone1597d ago

You can't 'win' E3. There are no judges, referees, points, scoreboards or podium. It's not a competition, it's an expo.

FlunkinMonkey1597d ago

There are resulting sales, favourability from developers, and general reputation. Sales = competition, Business = competition.

LOGICWINS1597d ago

Using that logic, the PC has "won" every E3 ever as its the best selling gaming platform each year for the past two decades.

If we narrow things down to dedicated gaming devices being used PRIMARILY for games, then the DS has been "winning" the past few E3s as its the best selling dedicated gaming device of the past decade.

MightyNoX1597d ago

You're taking the term 'win' too literally. Winning E3 is the term given to whomever walks away with the biggest momentum, essentially controlling the narrative for the next 365 days. Case in point-

Nintendo (2006) - Wii-volution demonstration, captured the hearts of minds of non-gamers, made the wii sold out for a year and forced Microsoft and Sony to scramble to make their own motion controller.

Sony (2013) - public execution of DRM, gives Sony the momentum to break records in sales left and right, outsell the completion 2:1 and will be referenced for decades to come. It was a victory so thorough that Microsoft end up mutiliating every aspect of pre-reveal Xb1.

So yes, you can 'win' E3 -- at least, that's what Phil Spencer that's been saying on Twitter.

BoneBone1597d ago

There are no declared winners, only individuals can declare their own winner and that is pure opinion.

It's baby talk.

n4rc1597d ago

Exactly.. Just because some of you felt Sony walked away winning doesn't mean everyone else does..

How would you explain the millions that bought that "loser" over your perceived winner?

Who wins is a matter of opinion.. Nothing else

LOGICWINS1597d ago

"Whomever walks away with the biggest momentum"

So PCs, iOS/Android devices will win E3 right? These will be the top three best selling gaming platforms for 2014, therefore they will have the most momentum coming out of E3. They will also control the narrative well into 2015 since they will outsell the Wii U, PS4, and XB1 by a very wide margin.

DualWielding1597d ago

Normally you would be right but las year there was an undisputed winner, Sony. That was a very unique case though dont think there will be a winner this year

MasterCornholio1597d ago

For me the winner is the one that gives me the most enjoyable show. Subjective but thats the way it is.

You seem a bit tense though. Your a Nintendo fan right? Dont worry I'm sure Nintendo will show some interesting things during their direct.

MysticStrummer1597d ago

Gaming is a business and E3 is a trade show. Of course you can win or lose E3.

"How would you explain the millions that bought that "loser" over your perceived winner?"

If the loser sold less than the winner… what are you even asking?

Spooney3231597d ago

It doesn't matter whether you win or lose... It's how good YOU looked ! -David Lee Roth-

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NYC_Gamer1597d ago

I just wanna see new quality franchises on stage without all the cheesy mainstream pop garbage

Mikelarry1597d ago

amen brother, i just want the games don't care who delivers.

Artista 1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Now, you're talking my language.

cyhm31121597d ago

if you think xbox one is going to win e3, you are really stupid

tuglu_pati1597d ago

why not? any of the companies have the chance to win it equally.