Final Fantasy VII HD Remake...Oh Fooled You. Or Maybe Not

Gameskinny: "Final Fantasy VII. For most players of the Final Fantasy franchise, the series seventh installment is universally acclaimed as being one of the best if not THE best. For me, it was the first game in the series I had ever played and also one of the last. When trying to play future installments, I just couldn't get into them like I did with Final Fantasy VII.

So naturally, when I heard rumors a long time ago about an HD remake that Square was working on, I didn't care what system it was on because I was going to buy that system just for Final Fantasy VII. At E3 in 2005 it looked like we were all going to get our wish.

And then comes the wool over the eyes."

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kayoss2504d ago

I will hold on to the idea that it can possibly happen.

FACTUAL evidence2504d ago

Instead of them wanting a ff7 remake sooo bad, how about they wish SE makes an even better ff game, or at least try to make something as ground breaking.

DigitalRaptor2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

According to that insider "Verendus", who talked about Japan Studio having two big JRPGs in development and that The Last Guardian was to be re-revealed ( ) also said something about this:

And that Chinese outlet said there were 2 announcements at the Sony presser that "thrilled them". One of them could potentially be this.

What a megaton that would be.

CLOUD19832504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

FFVII remake is the No1 most wanted remake since the re-known tech demo for PS3 back in 2006, but every time I hear this sh1ty line "a game that will surprise every1 is going to announced in E3 blah-blah-blah..." always it's something completely boring & uninteresting that me personally don't give a fck about...

I'm used to this line on every E3, & every time I never saw something that make me WoW! except X for Wii U this I admit is the only exception but still it wasn't something I would really like to see like a remake/sequel of an old favorite JRPG of mine like Legend of Dragoon remake or a sequel for Suikoden or Grandia/Lunar/Breath of Fire.

As for FFVII remake SE still haven't release Versus 13/FFXV although it was announced 7 years ago, those guys have lost it completely, I stop expect anything from them, SE is a lost case for me, after FFX the downhill never stop.

LightningMokey2504d ago

What about a Chrono Trigger Reboot :/

Adrian_v012504d ago

It wouldn't bring old fans. Okay maybe some. A lot left because of the change in battle system, and if they did a FF VII remake it would sure be an action rpg, not turn based. After all the 'We want to make battle in game look like Advent Children' there's no chance it would be turn based. So it would only piss off fans.

Also, the resources would be huuuge. Just try and imagine what it would take to build the world of FF VII. And what machine it would take to run it.

And last, it wouldn't meet up to anyone's expectations. FFVII offered you fun and sad moments. If they did a remake they'd have to modify the plot so it's dark only. I don't see how they could pull off the cloud-dress-up part with current graphics. It wouldn't be funny, it would just be...weird.

mydyingparadiselost2504d ago

If there were a remake I would hope it would stay away from changing the plot to be more dark, one of the things games seem to miss out on these days are a sense of humor attached to the world the characters are in. The light hearted Cloud dress up section IMO is exactly what gaming needs right now since it's just some dumb, happy go lucky fun that helps balance out what is mostly a serious story.

Adrian_v012504d ago

Yeah, but at times when graphics weren't that great they could pull it off cause you saw some blocks acting stupid and it was funny. Nowadays it wouldn't fit, add such an element to a serious story and it would lose it's seriousness.
It reminds me of Metal Gear Solid. As much as I loved the story I never took it serious because it was full of stupid stuff. I don't want that to happen to FFVII

mydyingparadiselost2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Those moments that wouldn't fit in the story are in the story though, it's all still there and hasn't broken the game. If Graphical fidelity can ruin your games story then it probably isn't a good story.
Most of those moments are in the first part of the game before everything starts becoming dire and serious. It's not like before you go to fight Sephiroth you have to dress all your characters in drag and save puppies from overly gay weight lifters or anything. I just feel the more quirky moments of the game cement the world as being more than just some drab place you have to save and make it more of a world full of life that you want to save.

Adrian_v012504d ago

Hmm considering how a lot of Japanese guys already to dress ups as girls...very convincing one I could see how they could pull it off though xD

mydyingparadiselost2504d ago

Lol, they could always make it a challenge and have you dress Tifa up as a dude

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azricf2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Doubt it..and might not be a good idea with recent FF games. Better they use such a huge budget on new next gen rpgs..that dont star a pink haired protagonist....or just make a chrono sequel.

Becuzisaid2504d ago

Leaving nostalgia behind, this game really hasn't aged well. It'll take a lot to modernize some of this games elements. But making too many fixes will cause an uproar amongst fans. So the idea of a FF7 HD remake is one that SE needs to be careful with.

IMO they should just replace the old 3D character models with new ones. Replace the old 2d backgrounds with new hand made 2d backgrounds and redo the script. Leave everything else alone.

Donnywho2504d ago

It's been a top selling PSN classic game since it came out. Hasn't left the top ten. Why spend money to remake something that is still making plenty of money?

-Now watch, they'll announce a remake tomorrow-

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